10 Powerful Facts About The Indestructible DC Supervillain – Black Adam

Facts About Black Adam:

Black Adam has been teased to all the DC fans for years and it looks like our wishes have finally been fulfilled as the Production start date has been confirmed by the Producers. We believe that the Rock would do justice to the character, as Black Adam is one of the strongest DC villains with a superb backstory.

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts About Black Adam

Black Adam was created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck and he first appeared as a one-time villain for the first issue of Fawcett Comics’ The Marvel Family comic book in December 1945. DC Comics, after acquiring the Fawcett characters, revived the character and began publishing it in Captain Marvel/Marvel Family stories under the title of Shazam! in the 1970s.

#2: He has a Deep Backstory

Facts About Black Adam

Black Adam is a very old being as he was born on September 11, 1279 BC, and his name at the time was Teth Adam. He was the son of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses 2. He received his powers after he managed to impress one of the High priests with his Good deeds. The Wizard ultimately gave Teth Adam the power to transform into the Superhero Mighty Adam, by speaking the name Shazam. After a while, he was corrupted by the power and turned into Black Adam.

#3: He has all the Powers of Shazam

Facts About Black Adam

Black Adam held the powers of Shazam before Billy Batson took the mantel. Black Adam possessed the powers of 6 ancient Gods. The Stamina of Shu – Superman Stamina and Invulnerability, The Speed of Haru – Superhuman Speed and Flight, The Strength of Amon – Superhuman Strength, The Wisdom of Zehuti – Genius level intellect and wise judgement, The Power of Aton – Full control and emission of magical lightning and thunder and The Courage of Mehen – Unlimited courage and proficiency in hand to hand combat.

#4: He was Corrupted by a woman and turned Evil

Facts About Black Adam

Mighty Adam was the champion of Egypt for several centuries but that came to an end, thanks to a mysterious woman, who corrupted him with her charm. It was later revealed that the woman was the wizard Shazam’s evil daughter Blaze in disguise. Adam dreamt of ruling Egypt along with his mistress, and so he killed the Pharaoh and appointed himself as the ruler. After the wizard came to know about Adam’s betrayal, he stripped Adam of his powers.

#5: He Started World War 3 and killed 2 million people

Facts About Black Adam

After Adam’s loyal friend, the talking crocodile Sobek’s real identity was revealed to be the assassin Famine, the Fourth Horsemen of Apokolips, it wrecked Adam. Sobek, along with his companions obliterated Adam’s household and killed his beloved wife Isis. In her final moments, she asked Adam to seek revenge and he obliged, by slaughtering 2 million people in the nation of Bialya. He single-handedly fought with The Teen Titans, The Doom Patrol, and several other heroes but no one could stop his rage.

#6: He can defeat The Superman

Facts About Black Adam

When it comes to strength, Black Adam has proved that he’s on par with Superman. But Black Adam has a big advantage over Superman – Magic. As we all know, Apart from Kryptonite, Superman is vulnerable to magic and Black Adam uses heavy magic attacks. Black Adam has exploited this several times in the past.

#7: He Killed his nephew to get his Powers

Facts About Black Adam

In the New 52 Storyline, Teth Adam’s origin story was a bit different. He started at the bottom of the pyramid, like an angry slave in the oppressed country of Kahndaq. In this version, all of his family was murdered, and his only surviving relative was his kind nephew, Aman. In fact, Aman was so kind that the wizards chose him over Adam to be the next Shazam. But, Adam realized that his nephew was too soft, so he killed his nephew and stole all of his powers.

#8: Black Adam and Sinestro are best buds

Facts About Black Adam

When Sinestro was facing a threat from The Paling, he asked his old buddy Black Adam to help him out. Sinestro made Black Adam an honorary member of the Sinestro Corps. Black Adam fought alongside Sinestro and his army to ultimately defeat The Paling. Black Adam still has the ring.

#9: His Sense of Justice is Skewed

Facts About Black Adam

Black Adam has depicted his sense of justice several times but not a lot of people would agree with his style. Black Adam believes that the world is not as idealistic as the Superheroes have made it out to be. He holds a realistic view of the world and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to do what’s right. Well, everyone’s the hero of their own story.

#10: He Traumatized Martian Manhunter Mentally

Facts About Black Adam

In the DC universe, only a few beings are on par with Superman’s strength and Martian Manhunter is one of them. But even he was no match for Black Adam. Using his powers Adam nearly Vaporised Manhunter, and after Manhunter tried to control Adam’s mind, he was traumatized by what he saw and fled the scene with tears in his eyes.

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