The Hulk vs. The Thing – Marvel Finally Declares the Winner

The Hulk vs. The Thing:

Every now and then, we put these two Marvel giants against each other and discover that no one really would emerge victorious. Now after a few years, a match up takes place yet again and the Thing gets another shot at the green rage monster. Well, there have been certain instances where things were favorable for the Hulk. But this time, the result is actually unexpected. You’re in for a surprise.

The following content is full of spoilers for Fantastic Four #13 by Dan Slott, Sean Izaakse, Marcio Menyz and Joe Caramagna.

The Hulk vs. The Thing
The Hulk vs. The Thing

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #12 was the first time when the Hulk and the Thing met each other. It was followed by a massive fight in Lee and Kirby’s Fantastic Four #25 and 26. In the recent revamped instance that came with Dan Slott, Sean Izaakse, Marcio Menyz and Joe Caramagna’s Fantastic Four #13, there’s a clear winner. The Thing takes one powerful punch at the Hulk and knocks him down. The result is declared, as the Thing totally wins!

Everyone would expect the Hulk to win this battle any day. He is the Green Goliath for God’s sake. Throwing more & more punches only makes him angrier, so how could ben Grimm possibly take him down? Well, he most certainly has done that in the recent comics run. If this battle were to take place in the current scenario of the MCU, then we could surely agree with the result of the comics because The Thing would win against Smart Hulk by a huge margin! Smart Hulk doesn’t stand a chance at all.

The Hulk vs. The Thing
The Hulk vs. The Thing

But if it were other versions of the Hulk, such as the World Breaker, then Hulk actually carries the capability to break the Thing down into a million pieces. In fact, even Stan Lee revealed that in a colossal brawl among these two giants, he would pick Hulk to be the ultimate winner. Here is what he said.

“The Thing is faster and smarter, so he would probably find a way to turn it into a draw or save himself. He’d trap or trick the Hulk. But, in a fair fight, there’s no way the Hulk would lose. He’d win.”

The Hulk vs. The Thing

Let’s, just analyze the winner amongst these two ourselves. Both these individuals are extremely similar when it comes to what they could do to their opponents. A brawl between the two would be the most destructive one ever seen. Both of them have immense power that could level an entire city within less than an hour.

The Hulk vs. The Thing
The Hulk vs. The Thing

The Hulk might really give The Thing a whole lot of trouble, but he might be vulnerable to the rock-like body of The Thing. Also, The Thing’s attacks will make Hulk angrier and that could become an even bigger problem for him. This battle could be almost never-ending as both of them could go on and on if the battle keeps continuing. But the level of strength the Hulk possesses is way more than The Thing. There have been instances in the comics when these two fought & the Thing was hopelessly overmatched. Hulk smashed him like a Cherokee drum!

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The problem with the Hulk is that he is immortal and unkillable. So, even if the Thing may take down the Hulk for a while, the Hulk would find a way to stand back and smash. The Thing cannot actually defeat the Hulk completely. He could resist him for quite a long time, but eventually, he will have to give in.

Now that Marvel has the creative rights to Fantastic Four, we need to see this fight happen as soon as possible. Come on Marvel, the world needs to see this fight on the big screen in IMAX. Even if the Hulk is permanently injured, he could still give us something great to witness. But as we’ve mentioned above, the Thing might win in this situation.

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