10 Ways The MCU Guardians Are Different From The Guardians of The Galaxy Comic Books!!!

The Galactic Outlaws have been the talk of the town in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are one of the most successful sub-franchises in marvel’s Hollywood A-Game. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Rocket and now Mantis are the crewmembers aboard the Milano. But since Marvel Studios had to change so much of the characters to help them be a better fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Guardians also fell prey to that effect. Presenting 10 ways the MCU Guardians are different than the Guardians of the Galaxy comic books……


Mantis is not as vulnerable and underpowered as we see her in the movies. She is actually from Earth. Born in Vietnam to the villain Libra, Mantis was kidnapped by the Kree and trained to be a formidable martial artist. Mantis could easily take down Captain America and Thor in a fight. She later gives birth to the Celestial Messiah.


Star Lord’s history within the Marvel Comics and the MCU is quite the same. He started out as a selfish space pirate and rose up the ranks in the Guardians. But it was not until Marvel’s Annihilation arc that he became the team’s leader. Star Lord’s father in the comics is J’Son, King of the Spartax people. In the movies, J’Son was replaced by Ego.


In the comics, Ego was an alien scientist that merged with a planet and later gained sentience during some Celestial event. The movie never quite explored this back story. Most of the powers Ego shows in the movie are the same as in the comic books. The only notable difference is Ego did not become Kurt Russell and went on a cosmic mating frenzy.


In the comics, Nebula plays a pretty important role in the Infinity Gauntlet arc. Nebula once broke into Thanos’ ship and told the Mad Titan that she was his daughter. Thanos then captures her, augments her with cybernetic parts and only then accepts her as his creation. The MCU Nebula still hasn’t held the Gauntlet like she did in the comics.


Rocket Raccoon Debuted in the comics first in 1972’s The Incredible Hulk #271. He was called Rocky then. Rocket is kind of his new name. Rocket was the warden of Halfworld, a location in deep space that housed several anthropomorphic animals like him. The MCU changed his story. He claims he is the result of vigorous, consecutive experimentations on his body.


In the comics, Groot started out as a villain. Only later does he become the good guy. Hailing from the planet Flora Colossus, Groot is actually a prince of his world. He was cast out due to his love for life forms other than plants. His limited vocabulary of three words also became canon after Annihilation. Before that, Groot spoke normally.


Yondu, believe it or not, is a Guardian in the comic books. He was a member of the 2008 version of the Guardians where he was personally asked by Major Vance Astro to help them in their cause. Yondu’s comic book version’s archery skills are legendary. His skills with the bow and arrow ere paid tribute to when the MCU gave Yondu the whistle controlled arrowhead.

Starhawk and the Original Ravagers

The GOTG Vol. 2 Post Credits show Stakat Ogord along with Aleta, Martinex, Mainframe, Charlie-27, and Krugarr. In the comics, this team used to be the Original Guardians of the Galaxy. Stakar himself is the superhero known as Starhawk.


In the comics, Gamora is as fierce and deadly as a Hellhound from Tartarus. Gamora is not called the ‘Fiercest Woman of the Galaxy’ for nothing. She was originally trained as a weapon and given the mission to take down Magus, the evil version of Adam Warlock. The movies portray her as the moral compass and the emotional focal point of the Guardians. She is anything but.


Guardians of the galaxy

In the movies, Drax is revealed to be an alien warrior whose family was killed by Thanos. The comic book origin story is the same with the exception of one small little detail. Drax was human. His real name is Arthur Douglas. When his family was killed by Thanos, Mentor (Thanos’ father) and Kronos (Thanos’ grandfather) took Arthur’s body and enhanced it into an unstoppable Titan killing machine.

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