10 Comic-Book Crossovers That Don’t Make Sense But Are Awesome  

A decade ago, in the comic-book community, it will become the talk of the town if a major character has appeared in the universe where he is not supposed to be. For instance, if Batman and Superman, Deadpool & Spiderman team up to take down the larger evil, no one takes notice as comic-book fans are used to such crossovers and it’s no longer a big deal for them. Until Captain America was declared H.Y.D.R.A agent in a comic, they were not that interested in Secret Empire plot.

The comic-book publishers, however, have gone farther to address the fantasies of readers by offering them something unimaginable like a crossover of Teen Titans and X-men or Batman vs Predator. The new titles such as Justice League Power Rangers or Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern have successfully combined universes and worlds that can only happen in comic-world. 

Here’s a list of amazing crossovers which are possible only in the comics:

Power Rangers and The Champions

The power rangers have crossed over with the ultimate superhero team in the DC universe i.e the Justice League, despite the fact that it’s young and doesn’t have much in common with JL. It would be an awesome fit if Power Rangers and the Champions (a ground of young superheroes) work together for the larger cause and fight the greater evil. Imagine Incredible Hulk and Megazord in a single frame.

GOTG and Star Wars

Well, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy are under the same banner now but it’s understandable that their film universes won’t ever collide. But who’s stopping an epic sci-fi crossover between GOTG and Star wars in the comics? What would happen when Groot runs into Chewbacca, Rocket Racoon talks to Yoda or when Starlord tries to steal Millenium Falcon. This is gold.

Faith and Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey have recently been reunited as part of the DC Rebirth, but who wouldn’t like to see the chemistry between a superhero like Faith and Black Canary, Batgirl or Huntress. Crazy but awesome!

WWE Stars and The Green Lantern Corps

What if WWE stars are suddenly transported to space and become a part of a cosmic war with Sinestro. They have to ally with Green Lantern Corps to defeat him. This will give plenty of fodder for entertainment and scope for character development.

Archie and The Punisher

In the comic “Archie Meets The Punisher”, Punisher is entrusted the job of tracking and capturing the criminal Red to extract valuable information, a gangster who looks exactly like our own Archie. He managed to capture him and scared the hell out of him. But later he came to know that he is not the right person, hence Archie’s friends help him track the real criminal.

Tarzan and Predator

In 1996 Tarzan vs Predator: At the Earth Core, when Predators start slaughtering beasts and people start to flee, Tarzan began to investigate and they cross paths. It’s no big deal as Predators have fought aliens, Batman, Judge Dredd in the past too.

Superman and the Quik Bunny

In 1987’s Superman and the Quik Bunny, when Weather Wizard freezes Superman in a block of ice, a group of rabbits and underage children crack some Egyptian code to help Man of Steel break free.

Batman and TMNT

It was one of the most entertaining crossovers. When TMNT are transported to an alternate reality, they land in the Gotham city where they first run into Killer Croc leading to confrontation and collaboration with the Batman.

Star Trek and X-Men

Imagine Prof. Xavier realizing he has a crush on Lilandra, Captain Spock beating the shit out of Wolverine with Vulcan nerve agent and Gladiator hitting the Enterprise to prove a point. Grab your copy of Planet X now.

Punisher and Eminem


Firstly, it is really not made up. In order to promote his 2009 comeback Album Relapse, Eminem turned into a fictional character who teams up with Frank Castle in a two-part series titled Eminem/Punisher: Kill You.

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