New Trailer of Hawkeye Episode 5 Shows A Lot More Action From Yelena

The Disney+ Hawkeye series is absolutely coming to leagues with the past shows that we have gotten which are canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans were wondering if the show will be actually able to live up to the past shows based on the massive stories they were pursuing. There were a lot of fan theories much like other MCU projects for the show and some of them actually did come true. But one of the biggest reveals was definitely the reveal of Yelena Belova in the series as we finally got to see her in the recent episode. The recent trailer of Hawkeye episode 5 shows that we will get to see a lot more of the Yelena action.

So Far in Hawkeye

Hawkeye comes across Kate Bishop as she dons the Ronin costume and they are both then chased by the Tracksuit Mafia. This mafia is led by Maya Lopez, who wants to avenge her father’s death which was at the hands of Ronin. We get to see this through Maya’s past where we find out that she might be working for the Kingpin. But Clint realizes that the resurfacing of the Ronin has led to all sorts of enemies coming out to catch the assassin. Clint and Kate start looking into this and they find that one of the Tracksuit Mafia men is working for Sloan Ltd. and this organization is owned by Jack Duquesne. 


During his investigation, he realizes another one of the missing items from the Avengers Compound. Upon tracking it they realize that it was actually a part of the auction as we saw and he tracks it to a location. On reaching this location they find out that it was actually in Maya’s apartment, but another assailant attacks Clint. Later it is revealed that it is a Black Widow and we can clearly see it is Yelena Belova. It was a very small cameo from her considering she could have actually ended up killing Clint there.


Trailer of Hawkeye Episode 5

Fans were disappointed at such a small amount of appearance from Yelena as the ending of Black Widow suggested that she was gonna go after Clint. There was a lot of excitement considering Yelena was one of the few people who knew Clint was Ronin. Yelena was introduced in Black Widow and the movie made it fairly certain that she was at par with Natasha in terms of her skills. She is driven to kill Clint because she was made to believe that he’s actually responsible for killing Natasha.


But we are going to see a lot of action from her in the upcoming episode 5 titled “Enemies” where we will probably see a proper faceoff between the characters. The trailer for the episode released by Marvel Entertainment reveals her in normal clothes and actually talking about her intentions. She clarifies that she intends to kill Clin and later she appears donning her costume from the previous episode. This seems to be a fight scene that will take place at the Rockefeller Center and it was actually seen in some of the past teasers for the series too.


Trailer of Hawkeye Episode 5

While it won’t be the final episode it does seem like there’s gonna be a lot on Clint’s plate and he will require Kate’s help. There’s a lot of excitement for the episode as directors Bert and Bertie hinted that it will change the tone of the series. Another report suggested that this episode will blow up the internet. It seems that Yelena’s addition to the series and her appearance has surely impacted the hype for the series.


There is a lot that is yet to be answered in the series as we have reached the penultimate episode and there’s still no answer to who killed Armand Duquesne. We also need to know who is Echo’s uncle and at the same time who was Kate’s mother called for help in the previous episode. Let’s hope the series actually answers all these questions and does not leave us without answers.

Did you like the new trailer of Hawkeye Episode 5? This episode is supposed to break the internet. So, are you ready for it? Let us know.

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