10 Controversies Created By Infinity War In The MCU

Infinity War is no doubt one of Marvel’s greatest achievements. It also happens to be the world’s most profitable movie franchise’s highest-earning blockbuster. It is a milestone no doubt, but to say Infinity War is flawless will be telling a white lie to everybody’s face. There were some cliffhangers. If you could let go of your rose tinted glasses, you could see them. Presenting 10 Problems Infinity War caused in the MCU….

Killing off half the heroes

The movie ended up on a high note cliffhanger. Infinity War led to the MCU’s Earth’s mightiest heroes losing half their ranks to the Mad Titan. This creates some problems. With Spiderman, Drax, Black Panther, Dr. Strange and a busload of other heroes gone, there has been left a power vacuum. The fans of the Marvel Universe had become accustomed to seeing so many heroes on screen. With only a few of them left, Marvel Universe would feel a bit…empty when Avengers 4 comes next year.

Iron Man is trapped in space

It was Ebony maw’s spaceship that helped Stark, Strange and Peter Parker travel to Titan. Without a ship, Iron Man had nowhere else to go. His suit is damaged and is in no condition for outer space travel. Doctor Strange happened to be his only chance of getting home but he too died at the end. Tony Stark is not coming to Earth.

The Death of Gamora

Fans of Gamora found her death harrowingly unsatisfying in the movie. She was killed off in a manner that does not justify her back story in the MCU. Why was Gamora killed off so suddenly? Her end is not at all satisfying. Maybe Avengers 4 will give her some closure. Nebula or Rocket, we are counting on you to avenge her.

Wakanda is destroyed

The world’s most advanced nation is in utter shambles. Wakanda faced the brunt of Thanos’ armed forces in the Infinity War conflict. The result was Wakanda suffered dearly. Her head of state and the King of the Nation, T’Challa, is dead. Most of her army is either too injured to fight or already stopped breathing. There’s not much left of Wakanda right now and it is extremely vulnerable to outside attack as of this moment.

Tony’s love life is in danger

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are the most well-known couple of the MCU. When Infinity War began, Pepper Potts and Tony Stark were talking about babies. That just explains how far they have come. Then when Tony ignored Pepper’s advice and decided to go after the Q-Ship, things have already started going downhill. With Tony coming face to face with the danger he had been preparing for so long and being soundly defeated, he will be even more paranoid off everything than he already was. Pepper is going to have a hard time ahead with Tony.

The Hulk won’t come out

Many do not know but the Hulk was supposed to come out of his fear cocoon in Infinity War at the movie’s climax. It was changed to further develop Hulk’s story arc in the MCU. Hulk did not come out and this created one more problem for Marvel. The Hulk has suffered beat downs before. The Abomination, the Chitauri, Thor and even Ultron in Avengers 2 have beaten him down to some extent. Why would Hulk suddenly be scared of Thanos?

The Six Infinity stones are out in the open

It took ten years for the MCU to set up Infinity War. It took 18 movies to set up the Infinity Stones and their locations within the superhero universe. And it took one movie to bring them all. Just One!! The Infinity Stones are not just objects of power. They are MacGuffins – plot elements essential for the story’s direction. You don’t throw away so many MacGuffins into the mix like that in such a short time.

How does Captain Marvel fit in??

Captain Marvel will be the next big thing in the MCU. We all wanted a bit more than just her symbol to be shown in the movie. Fans wanted Brie Larson. They never got it. Besides, there is one more issue. Marvel is so blinded by introducing Captain Marvel into the MCU that they are throwing away logic out the window. Why didn’t Nick Fury call Captain Marvel before? He could have taken out that pager during Ultron or Civil War. He didn’t.

What about the ones whose contract is about to end??

While many did die, we assumed the deaths would involve actors whose contracts with the Studio were about to expire. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow are some of them. Coincidentally, all of them were left alive in the movie. If there is going to be more deaths, why not be done with them in Avengers 3 itself?

What about the Next Generation of heroes?

The ones we thought would be taking over after Tony Stark and Captain America and the likes leave the universe for good are already dead. Infinity War could have been a pivotal moment. It could have been the point of time the new superheroes come forward to lead the charge. But for some reason, they ended up dead.

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