11 Greatest Magic Based Super Villains That Have Fought Doctor Strange – Ranked

Doctor Strange is the guardian angel of Earth. He protects the realm from all sorts of mystical entities that are looking for anyway to get into the midst of humanity and destroy it from the inside out. Using his vast magical powers as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Doctor Strange has managed to keep the world safe from all sorts of evil arcane magic. Over the years, Doctor Strange’s Rogues’ gallery includes enemies that have sworn to destroy him, enemies that are so powerful it is a wonder a normal human being like Doctor Strange could muster up enough magic to take them down. Some of them are literally Gods of their own dimensions. Presenting – 11 Greatest Magic based Super Villains that have fought Doctor Strange – Ranked!

 11. Shuma Gorath

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Shuma Gorath is a demonic entity that belongs to an extra-dimensional plane of existence called the Chaos Dimension – a realm where monsters thrive. Shuma Gorath was created to be a Conan villain. His appearance itself shows that he is from a prehistoric timeline. He was first introduced in the comic books in 1976 in Kull of Atlantis. He later resurfaced and became the conqueror and sole ruler of Earth. He was later imprisoned by Sise-Nag. Using the Ancient One as a medium to re-enter the Earth realm, Shuma Gorath intended to come back with a vengeance. Strange was forced to kill the Ancient One after he found no other way of defeating the demonic giant.

 10. Tina Minoru

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Tina Minoru is the mother of Nico Minoru, one of the most powerful members of the all-female superhero team during the Secret Wars event – A-Force. Tina Minoru was one of the members “The Pride” – a group of dark wizards that ruled the New York Underworld. Using her association with the Gibborim, she gained access to tremendously powerful spells of Blood Magic.  She uses several powerful magical artefacts in battle like the Staff of One and the Spine of Agamotto. Tina also has access to the Black Mirror, an artefact that could reveal anything about someone’s past or future. Tina is one of the most capable dark wizards to ever exist and is one of the toughest villains Doctor Strange has ever faced.

 9. Dragon of the Moon

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

The Dragon of the Moon hailed from an ancient race of supernatural and humongous dragons who once roamed the world. This guy is the last of his kind. And his sole purpose is to spread chaos and destruction as much as possible. The Dragon of the Moon allied himself with Mordred and tried to destroy Camelot. King Arthur managed to defeat it and it was then sent to a moon of Saturn where it was supposed to live the rest of its life in shame. But the moon turned out to be Titan, the birthplace of the Eternal race from which Thanos hailed. He is the reason Thanos became evil. Dragon of the Moon is virtually immortal but he can influence others to commit heinous acts.

 8. Dracula

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

After the critical and financial success of The Tomb of Dracula comic book series that established Blade as one of the greatest vampire hunters in history, the sky was the limit for Dracula in Marvel Comics. Doctor Strange, since he has a magical background and was a superhero, soon came at odds with the Vampire Lord. Strange decided to hire the help of Blade and Hannibal King to end the threat of vampires once and for all! Naturally Dracula wanted to stop him. Strange and Dracula had a huge fight in their astral forms but the former did succeed, using the Darkhold to cast the Montesi Formula, ending the global vampire race within seconds.

 7. Empirikul

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Empirikul is one of the latest villains in the Doctor Strange lore. He was once a child of a race that resided in another dimension. This race worshiped magic and their God Shuma Gorath. Anything that was even remotely similar to science was banned with the penalty of death. Empirikul’s parents were secretly scientists that conducted experiments. When they were caught trying to build a space-ship to escape their world, they were killed but not before they managed to send their son out of this hell hole. Empirikul grew up to hate magic and created an army of dimension hopping robot terminators that hunted wizards and magic users throughout the multi verse. He almost defeated Doctor Strange once before being pushed back by Doctor Strange and Mister Misery.

 6. D’Spayre

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

D’Spayre is an agent of the Dweller-in-Darkness, a supernatural entity that predates life by more than 10,000 years. Since the Dweller in Darkness cannot enter the realm of Earth, he has to do his bidding by sending in his agents. The first of his agents and his most favourite was D’Spayre. D’Spayre would work tirelessly to make people feel so bad about themselves that it woud be enough for the negative energy thus radiated to feed his master. But this guy is a top notch conniver as well. He once manipulated the Fear Lords of the Universe, including his own boss, into creating “The Great Fear”. Using it, D’Spayre intended to make the people feel despair instead of fear, so that it could power him instead of his master.

 5. Umar

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Umar has a rich family history and background, which explains why Doctor Strange finds himself frequently at odds with her. Umar is the sister of Dormammu, the daughter of Sinifer and the mother of Clea – Doctor Strange’s love interest. Umar has been seen working along with or for Dormammu in a number of occasions. Umar was actually born a non-humanoid Faltine. But with age, her appearance became more human like. Umar is also a very craft lady, and is not below using her own daughter as leverage to get out of sticky situations.

 4. Satannish

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Satannish likes to work from behind the curtains. He seldom comes forward to trade fists with Strange. But Satannish is also on the same power level as Mephisto. He may not be as confrontational as a typical Doctor Strange villain, but he does the role of making life hell for Strange by sending his agents and minions after him. Satannish also rules a dimension of hell and has tremendous and near limitless reservoirs of magic. The magic based team called the Defenders, led by Doctor Strange was created just to fight Satannish and his forces that were trying to invade the world and destroy it. Daimon Hellstrom, a popular Marvel Comics Superhero, is the son of Satannish.

 3. Dormammu

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Dormammu is the lord of all dark magic. He has mastered magic and sorcery, literally turning his body into pure mystical energy. Dormammu comes frequently at odds with the Sorcerer Supreme. He has fought several other magical guardians of Earth who also held the mantle. Dormammu has fought the Ancient One as well, who fears his powers and will do anything to keep Dormammu from passing into this realm. The movie did not do enough justice to Dormammu. His powers and control over magic is too great a match for the Sorcerer Supreme alone, which is why he has to often call upon the Elder Gods of Magic to even the odds.

 2. Nightmare

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Nightmare is the King of the Dream Dimension. He sources his power from the negativity arising out of the nightmares that people see when they sleep. In several occasions, Nightmare has almost succeeded in conquering the world. He once cast a spell that made the entire world go to sleep, and thus trapped in his Dream Dimension forever. Nightmare has a habit of holding his targets hostage. The first time Doctor Strange met Nightmare in his realm of Dreams, Doctor Strange was held hostage until he managed to break himself out. Nightmare is also rumoured to be in the new Doctor Strange sequel titled Doctor Strange in the Multi Verse of Madness.

 1. Mister misery

Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

There is one unwritten rule of magic – every magic spell cast comes with a cost. Doctor Strange, during his tenure as the Sorcerer Supreme, had to also pay the price of using magic. Mister Misery was the result of all the pain and agony that was accumulated within Doctor Strange over the years. He cast the pain out to form a sentient and semi-abstract entity that was as powerful as Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange did not even name him and just called him “The thing in the Cellar”. When Mister Misery was finally released by Doctor Strange, it single-handedly destroyed Empirikul’s forces, something the Sorcerer Supreme himself could not do.

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