10 Marvel Characters Who Wielded Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet has always been one of the centers of focus for Marvel Universe. Each character and its story leads up to the purpose of the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet. Though MCU has not delved much into this storyline, there exist many interesting facets of superheroes and their affair with the powerful galactic object.

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Thanos, Iron Man, and Hulk wielding the mighty gauntlet in MCU Phase 3 is old story. MCU’s gauntlet saga was limited to Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Apart from Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, there were other Marvel heroes, too, who bravely held the Infinity Gauntlet in the comics.

Below are the names of all the Marvel characters who have used the Infinity Gauntlet.


Thanos Had Different Names in Infinity War & Endgame

The very name of the Gauntlet flashes the Mad Titan’s face in our heads. Unlike the movie where he wanted his hands on it to wipe off half the population to save the resources of the universe. In the original story of comics, his motive was rather selfish as his purpose was merely to win Lady Death’s heart. Lady Death was the manifestation of death in physical form in the Marvel Universe.

Captain America

Captain America Cut Scene in Avengers Infinity

When the Marvel Universe gripped by a perilous fate of colliding with a parallel universe, Cap was entrusted the task of using the Gauntlet in order to push away the other universe. But there was a hidden consequence that the poor Captain was unaware of. Saving our world had, in fact, lead to the destruction of other universe. That’s why, after the task was done, Cap’s memory was wiped off.


If given the option, would you rather have Spidey or Mr. Stark be the savior by holding the gauntlet? In an alternate version of The Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet that was aimed for children, Spider-Man was the one to save the universe by undoing Thanos’ exploits.


Magus was the other personality, i.e., an evil version of the hero Adam Warlock who once got hold of the powerful gauntlet. Fortunately, a fake stone had already replaced the original reality stone thus saving the universe from mystical chaos.


Avengers 4 Leaks Karen Gillan Marvel

Nebula, as you know, is the adopted daughter of Thanos who dedicated half her life to win the affections of the Mad Titan. Believe it or not but her intentions were worse than those of evil father. She once managed to run off with the gauntlet from Thanos’ possession and use it to destroy the whole population. This forced Thanos to join other Marvel heroes and stop Nebula.

Adam Warlock

Superheroes Who Used The Infinity Gauntlet

Adam was one of the well-intentioned heroes who fought Nebula to retrieve the gauntlet. But in order to avoid any future distress had anyone gone off the rails again, the powerful intergalactic tribunal’s verdict was to divide the possession. The function of the Tribunal was to keep a watch on the balance of the Multiverse. So, the Infinity Stones were distributed among the trusted ones to safeguard it.

Reed Richards

Things About Franklin Richards

Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards, the founder of the Fantastic Four had a different intention for the Gauntlet. He believed that the gauntlet could be used to destroy itself.  But the stones got split up & hidden by Marvel heroes whose identities were not disclosed. These superheroes formed a secret society called The Illuminati and decided to run their universe secretly.

Iron Man

Not the one from Endgame, but it traces to another encounter that Tony had with the Gauntlet. It happened when The Hood, a villain, had almost succeeded in mustering the gems. It compelled Iron Man to smack down the supervillain & retrieve the gauntlet.

Doctor Doom

doctor doom in black panther 2

Each parallel universe possesses its own version of the Infinity Gauntlet. And the malicious Doctor Doom, the deadliest villain of Marvel, had once succeeded in acquiring two Gauntlets.

Black Panther

Endgame Didn’t Show Black Panther Fight Scene

In this storyline when the Marvel Multiverse was wiped off, the evil Doctor Doom tapped on this opportunity and created his own world. Black Panther was a few of the survivors who challenged him and beat him down with the help of the Gauntlet.

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