10 Times Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains in Cold Blood

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains:

Since ages, it has been the norm that Super Villains break the laws and try to take matters into their own hands while Superheroes try and uphold justice and order. Comic Books are a strange place though. Since sometimes, the equation changes entirely. Sometimes, the Superheroes have had it to the brim and they have no other choice but to do the unthinkable. Your favorite superheroes have blood on their hands and mud on their faces. It is about time you know about their deepest, darkest secrets.

 1. Superman punches through Joker’s Chest

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

In the Injustice series, we see a very different version of Superman come into play. In this alternate reality, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane, his wife. When Superman decided to end Joker’s life by launching him into outer space, suffocating him to death turned out to actually Lois Lane. The Joker had used a very special form of his Joker Venom on Superman that created powerful hallucinations. Superman killed not only Lois Lane but also their unborn child since Lois was pregnant at that time. When Clark realized what he had done, he immediately retaliates by punching the real Joker in the chest and ripping his heart out. But the victor was the Joker since he wanted Superman to turn evil. By killing the Joker, Superman finally let go of his moral code and as a result, became a global dictator, starting the Regime.

 2. Wonder Woman snaps Maxwell Lord’s neck

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

The two greatest and most powerful superheroes of the DC Universe are of course Wonder Woman and Superman. Both are part of the holy trinity of DC, the third member being none other than Batman. In one issue, Maxwell Lord, a genius billionaire that had a chip on his shoulder in the way people idolized superheroes, decided to show the world what superheroes really are. Maxwell Lord had powerful psychic abilities. Using his powers, he mind-controlled Superman into attacking Wonder Woman. Lord even threatened Wonder Woman that he will make Superman do a lot of damage and kill thousands of innocent lives if she does not stop him. The only way to stop Lord was by killing him. Left with no choice, Wonder Woman snaps Lord’s neck as the entire thing is video-recorded and broadcasted live all over the world.

 3. Batman Hangs a Giant to death from the Bat Plane

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

The debut issues of Batman in the 940s were pretty gnarly and dark for a comic book. It is a miracle they were able to cross the limitations of the publication boards at that time since they were said to be extremely stringent and conservative then. In one issue, Doctor Hugo Strange, a genius psychologist, and scientist, experiments on mentally insane patients to create 15-foot giants. These giants are sent to terrorize Gotham City. Batman picks them off one by one. One Giant though, he is extremely brutal too! He kills this one by hanging the poor guy from the Bat Plane, suffocating the guy to death from the stratosphere. That is a very cruel and nasty way to kill someone.

 4. The Scourge massacres 18 Super Criminals in Cold Blood

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

A few decades ago, Marvel encountered a huge problem. There were just too many supervillains and criminals lying around in the Marvel Comic book Universe. Realizing that it might strain the universe and confuse the readers, Marvel initiated the Scourge of the Underworld program. Basically it was the Star Wars’ equivalent of Order 66 for the purge of all unnecessary villains that were of no use. The Bar with No Name is where such unused villains hang out. Scourge of the Underworld disguised himself as the bartender and when he got the chance, killed more than 18 supervillains in a matter of minutes. Nobody still knows his true identity and nobody probably ever will.

 5. Batman buries KGBeast in the Sewer

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

In 1994’s the “Ten Nights of the Beast” storyline, Batman finds a very unlikely but powerful foe in the form of the KGBeast, a soviet assassin who is just as smart as Gotham’s Guardian Angel. KGBeast is sent to undertake ten different missions ranging from assassinations to kidnapping in Gotham City. In each mission, he manages to outsmart Batman and escape. In the final showdown, we see Batman deciding to bend the laws to get to KGBeast. The KGBeast expects Batman to come into a sewer room where he wants to have a fist trading showdown. What KGBeast does not realize is that Batman does not intend to fight. Instead, Batman permanently locks the steel door with iron rods, leaving KGBeast to die excruciatingly painfully and slowly in the dark without food or water.

 6. Punisher murders Stilt-Man

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

While we know that the Punisher likes killing at least two people before he has his breakfast in the morning, the way he killed Stilt-Man is just pure psychopathy. When the Superhuman Registration Act came into force, Wilbur Day aka Stilt-Man decided to change his ways and become a government-sponsored superhero. He wanted to do good now. Using his signature stilt armor that could stop any small arms fire, Wilbur Day was a valuable addition. The Punisher would not have any of that crap. The moment he saw the Stilt-Man, he put an RPG into his groin and a gun onto his head. The Stilt-Man even screamed “I Surrender”, but the Punisher decided that killing him was the only option.

 7. Justice League takes down Darkseid

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

Darkseid is a very powerful enemy. Even if you kill him, he will return back since his essence is virtually indestructible and will reincarnate the God of Evil one way or another. After Final Crisis saw Batman killing the new God with a Radion Bullet, Darkseid was set to reincarnate but Batman died a gruesome death due to the effects of using the magic god killing weapon. As revenge, the Justice League decided it was time for Darkseid to say goodbye – permanently. Tasking two Flashes to catch hold of Black Racer, the New Gods’ God of Death, they pinned down Darkseid’s soul as Superman literally screamed so loud that Darkseid’s essence was disintegrated.

 8. Mister Hyde sodomizes Invisible Man to death

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

Griffin, the Invisible Man, has betrayed the League of Extraordinary Gentleman by siding with the invading Martian Tripods. He was also sexually assaulted Wilhemina Murray, which has angered Hyde, who loves the League in general and Murray in particular. Hyde traps Griffin in a room and decides to pay him back in the same manner Griffin did to Murray. Hyde rapes Griffin, multiple times to the point that Griffin’s body could no longer take it and just breaks. We have seen Cold-blooded murder but this definitely takes the cake when it comes to creativity.

 9. Batman impales Reverse Flash

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

In the Flash Point Paradox, The Reverse Flash reveals how Barry Allen screwed up the timeline by saving his mother. When Barry tries to run back in time and stop himself from doing it, the Reverse-Flash stops him, claiming that he likes how the new world has turned out and does not want things to go back to how they were. The Reverse-Flash proves too much for the Flash to handle, who is already battered and bruised from previous fights. But just when things are about to get worse, Batman (Thomas Wayne), uses a sword to pierce the Reverse Flash in his chest, the latter looking in awe as his heart comes to a screeching halt.

 10. Wolverine kills the Hulk

Superheroes Brutally Murdered Super Villains

In the Old Man Logan Universe, the superheroes are dead, wiped out by a globally coordinated strike by all the Supervillains joining hands. Wolverine has since gone into hiding, after bearing the mark of shame for killing the entire X-Men team while under a hallucination. While he lives the quiet family life, the Hulk – now an extremely obese crime lord asks for his payment. Wolverine is not at home at the time and as a result, Hulk’s underlings kill his family for failure to repay. The Wolverine comes back to the Hulk, now enraged and starts to fight him. The Hulk decides to just eat the man alive and end the fight. What he does not manage to anticipate is that Wolverine has claws. And he uses them to literally claw his way out of the Hulk’s stomach, instantly killing him.

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