With DC’s Most Legendary Super Weapon, Batman becomes DC’s Strongest Superhero

Batman becomes DC’s Strongest Superhero:

DC Comics’ tryst with the Dark Knight goes a long way back. Every time the planet is under threat, it is Batman who is made to answer the call. Even if you stack impossible odds against the Batman, there will always be something up in his sleeve he can use to get out of that fix. DC will make sure Batman has what it takes to keep up with the times. And they keep giving him power boost (not that we are complaining about it). This time though, they might have given Batman the most powerful upgrade of all times. This is even bigger than the time when Batman sat on Metron’s Mobius Chair to become the God of Knowledge.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Batman Universe by Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

The Batman: Universe was important for the DC Fans since it allowed Brian Michael Bendis to take the readers through a virtual tour of the DC Universe. The Riddler gets his hands on a mysterious artefact with powerful arcane abilities. The artefact is a Faberge egg with abilities that transcends human comprehension. Batman went after the Riddler, trying to chase him down and retrieve the egg from the supervillain.

Batman becomes DC’s Strongest Superhero

While in hot pursuit, the Faberge egg starts acting up and the resulting magical power surge sends Batman from one corner of the Earth to the far end of the DC Universe. He finds himself on the Planet of the Thanagarians, and then Gorilla City. He even travels back to Earth only to find himself being time-displaced back to the past, where he teams up with Jonah Hex and even fights Vandal Savage for the fate of the entire cosmos.

Batman believed that the egg had magical properties which were how he was forced to go on so many adventures. But the Egg’s power is not magical in nature, a fact that is revealed when the actual power course within the egg is revealed to be none other than one of the most powerful weapons to have been ever made in the entire universe. Inside the egg, is a White Lantern Power Ring, the most powerful Power Ring to have been ever made!

The White Lanterns were introduced to the DC Universe in the year 2009. They have been in action since the Blackest Night events, where they were instrumental in defeating the Black Lantern Corps. They were also the prima facie of the Brightest Day story arc. The White Lantern Power Ring has been a subject of debate within the Green Lantern storylines as well.

Batman becomes DC’s Strongest Superhero

The White Lantern Ring is a weapon that is legendary, even by Green Lantern standards. It was in fact the first Power Ring to have been ever created. It was forged by a Guardian of the Universe named Seda, who made the ring that chose its wielder on the basis of genetically ingrained courage, a strong sense of morality, and a sense of self and individuality. Like the Green Lantern Power Ring is powered by will power, the White Lantern Power Ring represents Life and draws its power from all the life there ever was, is, or will be in the universe. Imagine Goku’s most powerful Spirit Bomb, multiply it by a million, and then put that incredible power into a ring – you have a White Lantern Power Ring!!

Batman becomes DC’s Strongest Superhero

The White Lantern Power Ring is highly unstable. Its sole purpose is the preservation of life at all costs. If it feels that its wielder is under a life-threatening situation, it will take control of its user’s body and then start attacking blindly, regardless of friend or foe. Vandal Savage and Batman both gain access to the White Lantern Power Ring, with both using it to try and defeat each other. The White Lantern Power Ring is like an untameable wild horse, which is why the Green Lantern Corps decree that they need to contain it. But it was only due to Batman’s impossible level of will power that the White Lantern Power Ring’s consciousness surrendered, this giving Batman access to a plethora of Godlike abilities. He then becomes the White Lantern of the Universe and of course the most powerful DC Superhero ever.

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