Captain Marvel Ready For Rematch Against Super Villain Who Made Her Cry Like a Baby

Captain Marvel Ready For Rematch:

Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Comic book Universe. Some would even go so far as to argue that she might be the most powerful Avenger to ever exist. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her strength, speed and rest of super-human attributes are unparalleled and unmatched. She quickly managed to topple Thor as the most powerful of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the MCU. But in the comic books, Captain Marvel has faced her first truly humiliating defeat. This Super Villain has managed to do the impossible – defeat Captain Marvel in her home ground. Now Carol Danvers is getting ready for a rematch to regain her lost glory.

Captain Marvel Ready For Rematch

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Star #3 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

The newest foe to fight Captain Marvel toe to toe and not only live to tell the tale but also defeat her in single combat is the supervillain and occasional superhero called Star. And Carol, who never likes being bested, is taking her defeat way too seriously, is not ready to buckle down. She has saddled up and is about to enter another bout with this powerful adversary. But the question is – can she manage to turn the tables this time and deliver Star her first-ever defeat in a one on one fight?

Captain Marvel Ready For Rematch

Before we get into the details of the upcoming fight, we have to let you guys know a little bit about this new supervillainess who aims to topple Captain Marvel’s throne. Ripley Ryan was once a normal reporter who worked for Ms. Magazine. Her job was to interview Captain Marvel and help the public see her in her true colors. It was part of a massive Public Relations Campaign to help Captain Marvel rebuild her image amongst the masses after Carol Danvers came back to a life of super-heroics from a long sabbatical.

Ripley Ryan has actually helped Captain Marvel to save innocent lives in her first encounter with the Binary superhero. She was very valuable as an asset to stop Nuclear Man, a villain who had managed to defeat the Avengers as well as Captain Marvel at that point in time. Ryan was kidnapped by Nuclear Man who went through a portal to another location and held her hostage as leverage against Carol Danvers. Eventually, Ripley was freed by Captain Marvel who would then go on to join the army of female civilians that Carol formed under her leadership. Ryan and the rest of the women warriors were vital in defeating Nuclear Man and stopping his machinations from wreaking further havoc.

At a certain point in time, Ripley volunteered for an experiment being undertaken by Minn-Erva which aimed at genetically re-engineering humans as Kree-Human Hybrids by changing their DNA Structure. The experiment with Ripley was a success but she failed to gain any superpowers. She used a power siphoning virus in her blood to suck the energies out of Captain Marvel and use it to give herself abilities. The entire city of New York came under threat due to her recklessness.

Ripley also proved to be a huge hindrance and nuisance to Carol Danvers. She not only was a threat to her physically but also played a lot of mind games with her. Carol was once being framed under a negative public relations campaign being launched by Minn-Erva to attack her image in mass media and make the public turn against her. Minn-Erva wanted Carol to join her cause of saving the Kree race from going extinct, and Star aka Ripley Ryan was a vital part of her plan. She used Star as a better alternative to Captain Marvel in the peoples’ eyes, and Carol’s approval ratings as a superhero hugely plummeted. By the time the conspiracy came to light, the damage had been too permanent to be reverted back.

Since then, Star has gained really amazing and incredible powers thanks to the Reality Stone. It stands to reason to believe that she is not done with Captain Marvel just yet. It is understandable why Captain Marvel has trouble believing Ripley Ryan’s words. The woman was responsible for a lot of hardships that the Binary Superhero went through which included almost destroying the city of New York, sucking away all her powers, as well as destroying and humiliating her by dragging her name in public and thus her public image plummeted because of her.

In the third issue of Star by Kelly Thompson, Clayton Cowles, Jesus Aburtov, Javier Pina, and Flipe Andrade, Star is seen in the headquarters of Alias Investigations – the Private Investigator under Jessica Jones. Scarlet Witch could also be seen along with them. Together, they are trying to find clues regarding the incursion they recently had into a mysterious cave in search of “The Dragon”.

The Dragon turns out to be nothing more than Star’s hallucinations. It is actually a nightmare version of Star her-self that Ripley saw at the end of the second issue of the series. When Captain Marvel showed up, Star used the reality stone to teleport herself back to her apartment. The building soon gets destroyed because Star is not able to control her reality stone powers. Members of the Black Order appear but soon vanish, and then Captain Marvel is seen in the distance, ready to fight Star and end her rampage.

Star has completely lost it. The reality stone is now basically toying with her mind. Her powers are unstable and are about to explode at any point in time. Star is basically a ticking time bomb and if she explodes, she is going to put a dent in the very fabric of reality itself. She needs to be stopped. And then she has a revelation. The reason why she thinks she is losing control of her powers and having so many nightmares is that she is still afraid of Captain Marvel, whom she considers her rival. Fear is the reason she is the way she is right now. To regain back her control, she needs to end Captain Marvel once and for all.

Both Star and Captain Marvel get ready for an epic fight. The battle will be one tectonic plate shifting affair. It will cause earthquakes and tremors the likes of which the Marvel Comic Book Universe has never seen. It was a long time coming though. Captain Marvel is Marvel Comics’ flagship character. The writers will not let their poster child suffer a defeat and let it slide like that. Star is about to have a beat down of a lifetime. Or will she manage to do the unthinkable and defeat Captain Marvel for the second time in a row!! Only time can tell us that answer.

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