5 Reasons Why Eragon Series Is Better Than Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is world famous and I’m sure that all of you would’ve read the books and would’ve watched the movies at least a 100 times. But here is a perspective on another series, Eragon, which is equally mystical and awesome. (We are talking about the books here and not the movies).

1) Magic Explained:


While HP portrays magic as something which happens if you utter or think of a few words, whereas Eragon describes in detail how speaking the ancient language lets you control things and the energy you lose on performing those spells.

On the logical side Eragon is more believable and for at least a second it makes you think that maybe such a language does exist, but not discovered yet..sigh! if only…

2) Equal importance to other races:


Other than humans, other races like elves, dragons play a part in both the series. In a few occasions, Hermoine tries to stop the ill-treatment of elves. Other than that, Potter pays no heed to them.

But in Eragon, he cares about the dwarves, elves, and whatnot before taking a decision, thinking about how they will also be affected. In Eragon, the other mystical creatures are not brushed off but rather given equal importance including the Urgals.

3) Drama and Betrayal:


How good is a novel without a little drama and revenge?! After the first 2 books of HP, we just assume what is going to happen in the next books. Every year, the school starts, there is a new ‘Defense against the dark Art teacher’,  some problem arises, Harry overcomes it at the end of the year and goes home safe.

Whereas in Eragon, the Urgals who were the main enemies in the first and sworn enemies of Eragon, became allies and helped him kill the king.Murtagh, who was considered as a brother by Eragon, turned against him, which no one could have possibly predicted. Not even Prof. Trelawney…

4) Mysteries remain unsolved:


Tom Riddle is dead, everybody is living a happy life..a happily ever after. But in Inheritance, even after Galbatorix was killed, not every question was answered. Rather more questions have arisen. Will Arya ever say yes to Eragon? Will Eragon never really come to Alagaesia?

What happened to Murtagh and Nasuada? And the biggest question ever.. who is the real Angela? We reread the book, again and again, trying to figure at least bits and pieces we might have missed about Angela.

5) Climax with a twist:


It was an unwritten assumption that Harry would kill Voldemort and would save the day, and that was what happened. In Inheritance’s final battle, we assumed Eragon would kill Galbatorix and Shruikan will be killed by Saphira.

But who would have thought  Arya, an elf would have it in her to kill a dragon. Elves and dragons are best buds after all.

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