10 Times Doctor Doom Became a Superhero And Saved The Marvel Universe

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe:

Doctor Doom is one of the greatest super-villains to have ever existed. He is so popular that the legendary Stan Lee considers him his favorite supervillain. All his life, he has only known chaos. Doctor Doom is one of the most feared individuals in the Marvel Universe. His cunning is so insanely infamous that even Gods fear his wits. If a superhero gets on the bad side of Doctor Doom, he is practically dead meat. Even Shield prefers not stepping into Latveria and creating an enemy out of Doom! But is he all about villainy?! Or is there another side to his story that nobody has ever heard of?? Turns out, there is. Sometimes, even Doctor Doom has tried and successfully saved the world. Sometimes, even Doom has been the good guy.

 1. Killed Thanos

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

Killing a single guy may not be a universe saving gesture but if that guy is none other than the Mad Titan Thanos, it most certainly is. In the Secret Wars storyline, Thanos tried to thump his chest and claim that he could take down Doctor Doom for good. Basically, Thanos was trying to provoke Doctor Doom into making the first strike and then Thanos planned to take him down when Doom committed a mistake, which the Titan was sure he will. Little did he realize that it was he who was committing a mistake! Doom did not just kill Thanos. He ripped his entire spinal column and skull bone out of his body.

 2. Almost Took Down Akhenaten

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

A group of beings called the Celestial Order took control of the very energy source of the Universe called” ‘the Heart of the Universe” and selected potential candidates for it to be wielded. The candidate from Earth was an Egyptian Pharaoh was known as Akhenaten, a dictator, and autocrat who was ruthless and brutal. Akhenaten got to become the wielder of the Heart and became a God, using his powers to take control of Earth and turn it into his playground. But Doom was not someone who would accept someone else’s rule so easily. He hatched a plan to travel to the past and kill Akhenaten before he could be chosen as the chosen one for the Heart of the Universe. While his plan failed, it showed how well-respected Doom was. Akhenaten even acknowledged that he had his eyes on Doom from the start and considered him one of his greatest foes.

 3. His search for the perfect Utopia

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

Doctor Doom is not just a villain. He is also royalty. He is the ruler of Latveria, a small but highly advanced nation in the fringes of the European Continent. Latveria is a very protectionist and isolationist country that does not mingle well with outsiders due to Doom’s conservative policies. But it is nowhere near to be called an under-developed state. It is a country that is rich and has no diseases. The crime rate is practically zero. Latveria may serve as a police state but at least it cares for its people. Doctor Doom keeps on experimenting with Latveria in terms of administration and technological advancements. His goal is to one day conquer the whole world and turn it around as it did with Latveria.

 4. Doom saves the 2099 timeline

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

In one comic book arc, Doctor Doom travels to the far future. To be precise, he travels to the turn of the 22nd Century. There he sees what an abominable future the world holds for us all. The corporations now control the world and conduct inhuman genetic experiments on the global populace, on which the latter have no say. So to clean up that mess, he decides to rebel against the authorities and becomes a symbol of resistance. His nemesis is a demented cyborg version of himself that Doom created in the past. After defeating him, Doom realizes that all of his actions have consequences and he takes an oath to use his abilities carefully.

 5. Defeats Onslaught

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

After Professor Charles Xavier decides it is time for Magneto to be taken down for good, he uses his mind control powers to kill Magneto. But the result came out to be something else entirely. Magneto did not die. Instead, the negative emotions of Magneto and Professor X combined to form the psychic entity called Onslaught – a literally unstoppable force of nature. Its goal was to destroy the world – humans and mutants alike. Doctor Doom first intended to help the X-Men so that he could take control of Onslaught. But he later changed his mind and helped the mutant heroes kill him for good.

 6. Killed the Beyonders

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

The Beyonders are vile creatures with immeasurable powers. They like experimenting with the universes. Ne point of time, they decided that the Multi-Verse is doomed and unanimously took a decision to recreate it the way they wanted to by destroying the previous one. To do that, they would use the Molecule Man and use him as a living bomb to destroy the reality fabric. Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and the Molecule Man joined forces to stop this. They gathered all the Molecule Men from different universes and used them to create a bomb that killed the Beyonders. But the Multi-Verse was also in peril from the aftermath. So Doctor Doom took it upon himself to recreate reality using the power of the Beyonders and formed the Battle World – the last bastion of life in the Multi-Verse.

 7. Resisted a universal level Zombie Invasion

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

In Marvel Zombies, a mysterious virus has turned most of the world’s population into flesh-eating carnivores who could never die and are always hungry aka zombies. Nick Fury asks Doctor Doom to help him repel the massive zombie hordes, reinforced by superhero zombies as well. But Doom does one better. He creates a magical force field that prevents Zombies from entering Latveria and using high tech offensive weapons that include lasers and rocket launchers, stops the Zombies in their track. For a long time, the Zombies let go of their plans to invade the universe and just focus on Latveria, which remains impenetrable for a long time.

 8. Stops Purple Man from taking over the World

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

Well at first, that was not the plan. Doctor Doom and Purple Man were supposed to work together to create a machine that amplified Purple Man’s powers to the point that he could mind control not one person but an entire planet at a time. But Purple Man got greedy. Realizing the true potential of the machine, using which he could control not just one planet but a large chunk of the universe and bend it to his will Purple Man betrayed Doctor Doom and took over the operations. Feeling backstabbed, Doctor Doom challenges Purple Man to take control of his mind. Purple Man, even with a machine that allows him to control the whole universe, could not penetrate Doom’s mind. The latter’s resolve was so strong that Purple Man had to admit defeat.

 9. Kills Galactus

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

For someone to kill the freaking Destroyer of Worlds takes a lot of power and skill. Thankfully, Doom has something even better – his mind. When Galactus threatened the Earth, Doom once stepped into the limelight and fought him. He even managed to defeat Galactus. His original purpose was to take control of the Power Cosmic inside Galactus and become a living God. But he chose not to. Instead, he used the body of Galactus as a perpetual energy generator, its body being used as a cosmic powerhouse to provide unlimited electricity to Latveria and the rest of the world.

 10. Defeated Terrax

Doctor Doom Saved The Marvel Universe

When the Silver Surfer was freed from being an eternal slave to Galactus the Destroyer of Worlds, someone had to come up and take his role. The next best alternative for Galactus was to choose Terrax, the ruthless Herald infamous to be a grade-A A-Hole. To be honest this was all Doom’s doing. But he decided to clean up the crap he had spilled and it takes a man to accept his own faults. It was Doom who gave Terrax access to the Power Cosmic. So to undo what he did, he gave up his life and his body in the process to stop Terrax from doing any damage. He succeeded in saving the world and the rest of the universe from the wrath of Terrax.

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