Marvel Comics Update: The Hulk Just Killed Someone in The Most Impossible Way Possible

The Immortal Hulk issues have given us a very unnatural yet terrifying take on the Jade Giant. The guy we knew as the Hulk is no more the gentle giant that only smashes bad people. The Green Goliath is a force of supernatural nature and he is literally his namesake- he cannot die.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

A lot about the history of the character has also been revealed in the former issues which have painted a not so rosy picture for our favourite green Avenger. And the next issue of the same comic book arc has just cemented him as a stone-cold murderer that has an umpteen number of ways to kill his enemies.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

He just tried out one of those tricks from his Halloween bag. And we would like you to know how he did it. Presenting – Marvel Comics Update – The Hulk just killed someone in the most impossible way possible!!!

SPOILER ALERT – Major Spoilers for The Immortal Hulk #8. If you still have not read it yet and intend to, we urge you to look away…..

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

The Last issue of the Immortal Hulk story arc saw Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther and the lot decide to take the fight to the crazy green goliath after they realize that he has not stayed true to his word and has just been going on a rampage every night right under the Avengers’ noses.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

After a long and hard fight, the Hulk is defeated and killed. Before his powers allow him to resurrect himself from the dead, the Avengers do something really crazy. They chop up his dead body and give it to a shadowy organization called the Shadow Base, where each of his body parts, now alive and kicking, is trapped forever, looking at screaming at each other from test tubes.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

When a comic book storyline begins like that, you know that shit is about to hit the fan real soon. The lead scientist of Shadow Base, a guy called Doctor Clive, is trying to experiment on the immortal abilities of the Hulk and how his irradiated alter-ego is able to sustain a power like a complete resurrection from scratch.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

Clive intends to study this power with the hope of replicating it on someone one day. He wants to create an army of immortal Hulks!!!

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

Dr. Clive has cut open each and every part of Hulk into two. This Victor Frankenstein wannabe’s next text subject is the Hulk’s beating heart. He cuts open the heart and observes and studies it as it re-stitches itself. The heart is not connected to any body part nor does it have any blood to pump, yet it beats. It is this ability of the green giant that Clive envies and wants to unlock the secrets of.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

Clive soon gets word that Captain Marvel is coming to retrieve the Hulk. The scientist gets scared and he decides to wrap it up. The Hulk, still observing Clive, starts to laugh. The floating head in a tube smiling and laughing at him is too much for the guy to handle.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

Clive’s ego takes over and he gets near the vat containing the Green Goliath’s head and starts threatening him that he will send off all his body parts to different parts of the country and he will never be whole again. As he gets nearer, the Hulk makes his move.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

All that The Green Giant needed was just one move and it was game over for Clive. The Hulk’s hands, in other tubes nearby, snap the vats and break the other jars containing his other severed body parts. Clive has no time to react as the Hulk starts reforming his body around him. Clive asks for mercy and he gets none from the Hulk.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

As Clive tries to press an alarm as a last ditch effort to stop the Hulk, he is trapped and crushed within the ribcage of the Hulk as the Jade Giant completely stitches itself back from out of his body parts.

The Hulk kills a guy by making his body form around him. If that does not scare you and/or gross you out, I don’t know what will.

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