10 Future MCU Projects Where Red Guardian Could Appear Next

The recently released Black Widow reveals how the Red Guardian, Alexei Shostakov was Natasha Romanoff’s father once. The movie’s post-credits scene sets up her sister and fellow Widow Yelena Belova’s future in the MCU. But the question that remains is that where we would get to see Red Guardian in the future. The Red Guardian has the best comic book arc involving characters and teams that have been already seen in the MCU along with a few yet to appear. Now this gives him a lot of places to appear in the future projects of MCU. So this is where Red Guardian could appear next:

Projects Where Red Guardian Could Appear Next

1. The Invaders

One more version of the Red Guardian was associated with another major Marvel superhero team. The first Red Guardian in the chronology of Marvel Comics is Aleksey Lebedev, who fought against the Invaders in World War II. If MCU decides to go back and feature the Invaders, which included Captain America, Namor, and the original Human Torch, then the Red Guardian can be a natural character to be included in the story as a hero, villain, or both.

2. Armor Wars

The Red Guardian didn’t have a role in the original Armor Wars comic book storyline from the 1980s but this can be different in the MCU series. Many Russian villains were seen in the comic with the use of stolen Stark technology. Possibly Red Guardian can fill this role on screen if there is a question about where his shield came from. Armor Wars will revolve around War Machine and he will deal with a storyline the same as the comics. This can lead him to a battle against the Red Guardian and other Russian characters like Crimson Dynamo, who was namechecked in Black Widow.

3. Captain America 4

Where Red Guardian Could Appear Next

Several comic book storylines can offer the basis for the upcoming Captain America 4. Captain America and Red Guardian have been rivals in the comics primarily through the Avengers and no version of Red Guardian has a real connection with Sam Wilson. The next movie can be the best opportunity for Alexei to try to add to his legend by taking on Sam in his new role as Captain America. Sam does not have any superpowers and this will go a lot different than in the comic books.

4. Hawkeye

Yelena Belova is a lock to be seen in the upcoming MCU series Hawkeye because of the mission she was given by one of the most important spies from Marvel Comics, Contessa. Possibly, the Red Guardian will find its way into the story. If Yelena goes after Hawkeye, this can lead back to her father, who must have something to say about it. He can also prove to be valuable when Yelena learns the truth about Natasha’s death on Vormir and questions about Contessa’s motives emerge.

5. The Winter Guard

Since Yelena and Red Guardian are in the MCU, a Winter Guard series is now possible. The Russian team equal to the Avengers made its debut in 1998 in Iron Man #9 from that year. The comic book history goes further since they were the Soviet Super-Soldiers who frequently clashed with the Avengers and Defenders. Considering the presence of the Russian superheroes in the MCU, this can be an intriguing team to explore either in the past or present of the franchise.

6. Secret Invasion

Red Guardian is a character that might appear in Secret Invasion considering the possible global scope of the show. One more link in through Yelena who is connected to Contessa and played a role in the original comic book storyline, suggests Alexei can be the series. If the Skrull invasion of the Earth plays out the way it did in the major comic crossover, then it will be all hands on deck. The world will need a hero it can get and the Red Guardian will be a great warrior to have on the front lines.

7. Black Widow sequel

Where Red Guardian Could Appear Next

Black Widow might get a sequel considering the success of the first part that was released recently. Director Cate Shortland had once stated that the role might be played by someone else since Natasha Romanoff is now technically dead in the MCU. But possibly the film could go back farther in time to include her again or can move forward with Yelena Belova as the Black Widow. The Red Guardian can be an obvious character to return along with his love interest and Widow Melina. Now since Alexei is acting as Yelena’s frustrating but caring father figure, it can be another fun family adventure.

8. She-Hulk

The Red Guardian has no link to She-Hulk in the comics that might lead to his appearance in the upcoming Disney+ series. A later version of the Red Guardian known as Anton was seen in the 2008 She-Hulk series. In the course of the story, She-Hulk clashes with the Winter Guard, the Russian super-team, while trying to help a country that has been destroyed by an earthquake. Both the characters eventually call a truce and this can be a comic book storyline that the She-Hulk series adapts for the MCU.

9. Daredevil

Red Guardian’s link to Black Widow can bring him in contact with another major Marvel hero, Daredevil. Natasha Romanoff and Matt Murdock’s strange comic romance was not explored in the MCU and now their relationship can be reinterpreted with Yelena if there is a new Daredevil series or movie. If Matt Murdock appears in the future projects of MCU, Yelena can take Natasha’s place in MCU Daredevil’s life, with the Red Guardian looking over their shoulder.

10. The Defenders

The Defenders team appeared in the Marvel shows of Netflix, and the Red Guardian could be a way to reintroduce them properly in the MCU. The character appeared first in Avengers #43 and another version can become a part of The Defenders in the 70s. Tania Belinskaya is another version of the character that has appeared in comic books. She joins the team as a hero and works as one of the most powerful members of the Defenders for a number of important story arcs in the late 70s.

These are all the future Marvel projects where Red Guardian could appear next.

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