5 Tantalizing Marvel Rumors That Must Become A Reality in 2017

Marvel Cinematic Universe is the world full of mystery when it comes to upcoming and possible films. Fans can only speculate the ins and outs of what will happen, but sometimes they get it right. Here are five Marvel rumors that need to happen in 2017:

Vulture Will Die In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for their revolving doors of replaceable villains. Spider-Man is set to make his debut in Spider-man: Homecoming, and with him comes the villain The Vulture. There have been speculations that Vulture would be a part of the Sinister Six movie, but one fan theory has already predicted his death. Since the trailer kind of indicates that The Vulture knows Peter’s identity as Spider-Man, it’s highly unlikely that a villain would last that long…unless he is a special case like Loki and Thanos.

 Clea And Nightmare Will Appear In Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange writer Jon Spaihts caused a bit of ruckus when he stated that Clea and Nightmare might make an appearance in the sequel. Clea, daughter of the ruler of the Dark Dimension has been a constant love interest to Doctor Strange in the comics, rather than Christine Palmer. Nightmare is one of Doctor Strange’s biggest villains whom Spaihts says could make for an interesting scenario of unreliable reality if he becomes the villain. Since he is talking about it, there may be a chance either characters could make a debut in the sequel.

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