Is Star-Lord the Grandson of Steve Rogers

She-Hulk may have dropped a major bomb on us. So Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen this episode already. If you’ve already seen it, and you did stick around till the credits, Then you would have discovered that Steve Rogers was not a virgin! And it’s all thanks to Smart Hulk. So the old theorists were right! This moment where Captain America smiles back at this woman did lead to a one-night stand! But the confirmation of this sexy time brings back a viral MCU theory of the past. People are left asking this question – Is Star-Lord the Grandson of Steve Rogers?

The MCU is an amazingly woven sweater. Everything is connected, and everything happens for a reason. And this old theory suggests a connection that links the leader of the Guardians to the leader of the Avengers. According to it, Steve Rogers could be the grandfather of Peter Quill. Yes, it sounds absurd. But the math adds up, and it all makes sense! MCU writers could be sitting on this secret for all this time! Laura Haddock played Peter Quill’s mom Meredith Quill in Guardians Vol. 1 and 2. But she has been in 3 MCU films in total. She was also the one who played this girl that Cap slept with.


Recasting the same actors for different roles is pretty standard in the MCU. And most of the time, it is done sensibly. Kenneth Choi was in Captain America: The First Avenger as one of the Howling Commandos called Jim Morita. And the actor also appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Peter’s school principal. Here his recasting made sense because he was playing the grandson of Jim Morita.


Gemma Chan played the Kree warrior Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel. Then she returned as the Prime Eternal Sersi. So again, this recasting also made sense coz a blue-colored alien, and a cosmically designed robot could have a similar facial structure. Similarly, it is possible that Laura Haddock’s character in Captain America 1 was Peter Quill’s grandma. Here’s how it would have happened.


Imagine her one-night stand with Steve leaving her pregnant in 1943. Then she could have given birth to a little girl in late 1943 or early to mid-1944, depending upon when Steve knocked her up. And then this little girl, Meredith, grew up to look almost exactly like her mother. That explains the recasting of Laura Haddock as it is similar to Kenneth Choi’s two MCU roles. Then 36-37 years later, in 1980, Meredith Quill could have met Ego in his human form in Missouri. And we all know what happened after that. Peter Quill was born, and Meredith died of cancer in 1988.


Is Star-Lord the Grandson of Steve Rogers

But the hot takeover here is that Star-Lord could very well be the grandson of Captain America himself. Even James Gunn joked about this back in the day! So maybe Marvel could be retconning this history of Peter Quill and Steve in the MCU as we speak! And do you know why Steve being Peter Quill’s grandpa makes total sense? That’s because Quill was the only one who could carry the Celestial light within him.


Out of the many offspring of Ego, only Peter Quill was the one to showcase that. Guardians 2 presented it as a random occurrence. But no other child of Ego had it. So, what was different about Quill? Well, I’ll tell you what was different… Peter’s Super Soldier Serum powered DNA. That’s why he was special like his grandpa! If this theory turns out to be accurate, it would be a bummer that Steve and Peter did not share any screen time in Endgame. But hey. Secret Wars is coming. So maybe that’s when these two could reunite and find out the truth about how they are related. I guess we’ll see about that.


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