10 Things Wanda Majorly Changed While Reshaping Reality In Marvel

For fans around the world who have never read any Marvel comics, Wanda Maximoff’s reality-altering magic has left them flabbergasted. The chaos magic which employs various hex probable helps Wanda to manifest any reality up to her liking, apart from Vision and the kids Wanda’s grip on the people inside the dome of the Westview County and the reality as exists inside the dome is close to perfect. But are you aware of the massive changes that Wanda makes in the Marvel comics, which alters the course of the entire Marvel universe and brings about a change that looked too good to be true? In the Marvel Comics Universe Wanda not stays limited to Westview County, she engulfs the entire planet in her magic, as she is reminded of the existence of her non-existent children which causes her to lose control of her powers. Wanda engulfs the entire planet with her magic and manifests the reality according to everybody’s liking.

Mutants are not feared anymore

Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel

Wanda Maximoff’s power in the ‘House of M’ started to deviate from the main storyline in the 1970s. A revelation made by magneto uncovered an anti-mutant conspiracy that was too slowly and steadily wipe the mutant populace from the face of the earth. Wanda recreated that entire reality speeding up human evolution by 50% and making the earlier minority mutant race the dominant race of planet earth and flipped the whole conspiracy around.

Richard M. Nixon – Head of anti-mutant plot

Magneto was the main mutant who gained a lot from the events that unfolded in the ‘House of M’. Magneto faced the onslaught of the sentinels made under the sentinel program and did not just defeat the sentinels, he ripped them of shreds unfolding the inner plot of wiping away mutant-kind from planet earth which was led by Richard M. Nixon. By doing so he not only became the savior to the mutant kind but also became a symbol of rightful revolution. Later on, Magneto was given sovereignty of the island of ‘Genosha’ and also got the island declared as the first mutant nation.

Mutant Governments, Magneto’ Dynasty

In the ‘House of M,’ we see Magneto becoming the first leader of the sovereign nation of ‘Genosha’ which made him the ruler of the sovereign nation, and the royal family came to be known as the ‘House of Magnus’. In addition to this, the world saw a shift towards implicating mutants in the mix along with politics. Ororo Munroe aka Storm takes up the mantle of Queen in Kenya, Apocalypse takes North Africa, Captain Britain is sworn in as the leader of Britain, and many other influential posts are offered to the mutant kind after realizing the evident shift of power in their favor.

Wolverine gets his memories back

Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel
Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel

In the ‘House of M,’ Wolverine wakes up next to Mystique who is now an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D under the leadership of Sebastian Shaw. Wolverine suddenly remembered everything that he had forgotten during his involvement in the experiment called the ‘Weapon X’. He immediately realized what was going on and traveled across the world with a young mutant called Layla Miller in an attempt to wake up all the prominent mutants, to prepare them for a face-off against Wanda and the House of Magnus.

Spider-Man got Gwen back

In the alternate reality that followed, Spider-Man became extremely popular and became the local champion. He even unmasked and made his image public to the world, but almost all of the people assumed him to be a mutant leaving him with some of his secret intact. In an alternate reality, Spider-Man gets married to Gwen Stacy who he had lost in the battle with the green goblin.

Captain America goes to the Moon

During the ‘House of M’ reality, Steve Rogers never gets trapped in ice and returns to America and marries the love of his life Peggy Carter. An eventful stand against the army, who provoked him to testify against mutants and Captain Rogers taking a stand in favor of Mutant rights. Saw him being terminated from the army, only for him too, later on, join the Air Force and end up becoming the first person to land on the moon.

Carol Danvers – World’s favorite superhero

Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel
Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel

Captain Marvel was granted her most inner desire of rising to popularity even before in the ‘House of M’ reality, even though she was a “Homo-Sapien” she became extremely popular with the people and even amongst the ones who became considered themselves as “Homo Superior”. Another addition to the reality was her cat Chewie better known to the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe as the alien Flerken who scratches Nick Fury’s eyes in the Captain Marvel movie.

Cyclops and Emma Frost

On a fruitful trip to Alaska Emma Frost meets Scott Summers aka ‘Cyclops’ now not with the X-Men, both of them quickly fall in love. On moving back to the states they get married and devote their married life to cooking together and planning for a family. But, before the latter happens the reality is lifted and they find themselves in a dilemma as to how weird their marriage compatibility was and as to how will they have ever been a match up, to begin with.

Doctor Strange becomes a prominent Psychologist

In the ‘House of MScarlet witch manages to take out the person who could be a threat to her version of reality by giving Doctor Strange everything that he ever wished for. Doctor Strange in Wanda’s alternate reality becomes a prominent Psychologist treating patients with depression called the “Dead end syndrome”. He was also a practicing physician who helps Wanda deliver her’ and Vision’s kid, eventually giving rise to Doctor Strange’s popularity with House of Magnus and the world. Eventually, Doctor Strange is woken up and retains his magic of mystic arts, and becomes the initial person to lead the resistance against Wanda and the House of Magnus.

Luke Cage the leader of Mutant Supremacy

Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel
Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel

In the ‘House of M’ reality, Luke Cage is the wrongdoer of an alternate reality and gains his superpower in prison through medical experimentation. He started recruiting human vigilantes’ like Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Mockingbird, and many more to his organization. On hearing the alternate reality’s human resistance against the mutant Supremacy, he converts his force to aid the human resistance in a fight against the mutants.

In reality, Cage comes in contact with Layla Miller, who awakens his suppressed memories and is reminded of his child which was borne by his wife Jessica Jones. Since that day Luke diverted all his attention and forces him to overthrow the ‘House of M’ and bring back the reality to the actual reality in which he finally gets to see his newborn child.

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