Marvel Has a Sword Powered by The Phoenix Force Called Phoenix Blade. But Why

Marvel Has a Sword Called Phoenix Blade:

The X-Men have gone through a massive ideological realignment over the recent times. They are no longer about trying to blend in with humanity anymore. They are now moving heaven and earth to forge a separate and sovereign identity for themselves. The world is obviously against them. The humans never liked the mutant superheroes in the first place and they will do anything they can to bring the harbingers of the X-Gene down. And that is where the Phoenix Blade comes into play. The Sword powered by the Phoenix Force itself has a very important role to play in the new age of mutant-kind in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Has a Sword Called Phoenix Blade

The Phoenix Blade represents the new X-Men ideology – It symbolizes their tougher stance on mutant freedom. After the X-Men founded the mutant nation of Krakoa, they needed to tell the world to either respect them or get out of their way. The Phoenix Blade represents their new will – either stand with them or stand aside. It is either this or that. The new upcoming mutant series called X of Swords will highlight the role of the new weapon much more prominently. The event, as the name mentions, will feature a lot of swords.

There is the Muramasa Blade, the Phoenix Blade, the Cerebro Sword – any bladed weaponry that had a role to play in previous X-Men story arcs will be making a return in X of Swords. But it is the Blade of the Phoenix that truly excites us because it signifies a paradigm shift in X-Men’s policy of dealing with humanity.

The Phoenix Blade made its first appearance in 2007’s Uncanny X-Men #479. The Shi’ar Empire is a powerful inter-stellar kingdom that has always remained obsessed with the Phoenix Force. Rook’shir, one of the earliest hosts of the Phoenix Force in recorded history, was the first host who turned into the Dark Phoenix. The Shi’ar empire took a mother of all beat downs, losing a lot of their men in the process of defeating Rook’shir. In the end, Rook’shir was decapitated and the Phoenix Force was tamed. But his sword was imbued with a portion of the Phoenix Force’s energy, becoming the famed and legendary Blade of the Phoenix, a powerful cosmic artefact.

Marvel Has a Sword Called Phoenix Blade

Rook’shir’s last living descendant Korvus, was manipulated into using the Phoenix Blade and attacking Rachel Summers. After defeating Korvus and freeing him of his mind control, Rachel and Korvus entered into a relationship. Korvus then used the powerful weaponry against the Shi’ar Empire as a member of the Star Jammers team. After a battle with the Imperial Guard, the sword lost its Phoenix Force powers and just became a regular, supersized sword.

The X of Swords event will again bring back the Phoenix Blade. In a way it is poetic. The last time the Phoenix Blade emerged was during one of the greatest turning points of an empire. Rachel Summers pulling out the Phoenix Blade, especially at a time when the Phoenix Force is all set to revisit the Earth. This means this might be a huge turning point in the Mutant Nation Krakoa’s history.

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