Marvel And DC: Superheroes With Stronger Evil Versions of Themselves

Marvel DC Superheroes with Evil Versions:

We read and watch superhero adventures because it makes us hopeful and feels powerful. Superheroes spend their entire lives fighting villains. They sacrifice their happiness and whole lives to protect innocents. But some comic book issues of DC and Marvel had faced the veil versions of these Superheroes too. This surprise element obviously made things more intense and thrilling. Find out about some of the greatest supervillains who were in fact, evil versions of the Superheroes.

 1. The Batman who laughs

Marvel DC Superheroes with Evil Versions

Ever heard the infamous question- What if the Joker was the Batman? In Dark Nights: Metal, which showed the aftereffects of a Dark Multiverse, Batman had undergone a complete change. He became the Batman Who Laughs after he killed his nemesis, The Joker. Killing the Joker had somehow infected Bruce Wayne with the Joker venom. He was then driven by the single aim of slaughtering the entire Justice League. He also enrolled other Batmen from alternate universes and served the demon, Barbatos.

 2. The Maker

Marvel DC Superheroes with Evil Versions

The Maker was an evil version of Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic. The superhero’s already genius mind was intensified once he became The Maker. As a result, his intellect had no limits anymore. To add on, he didn’t need oxygen and sleep anymore. He was motivated by only one aim, to become God. His newfound powers turned him so dangerous that he could pass his consciousness from one body to another, resulting in omniscience.

 3. Ragnarok

The comic book Civil War had more superheroes than what we saw in the movie. Another member of Team Iron Man was Ragnarok. Not, Thor but a clone of the God of Thunder created by the genius Tony Stark. He possessed the same looks and powers like Thor’s but his conscience set them apart. Carried away, he escalated the war by deciding to kill all the heroes on the opposite team. Hercules and Storm had to be summoned to take down the clone by thrusting the hammer into his head.

 4. Iron Maniac

Your heart might not believe but it’s true. Even Iron Man had an evil version originating from Earth- 5012. His IQ was 10 times that of the original Stark. All the Avengers were dead in his world which turned him cynical. This Iron Maniac had once taken down all the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, and Spider-Man in one go.

 5. Old Man Banner

The cool Bruce Banner aka Hulk is not the same in a bleak timeline from the future. In a world that is dominated by villains, the kind Bruce was banished for being the odd one out. He becomes the Old Man Banner who is a bigger and obese version of the Hulk and lives in the lifeless United States that has become a wasteland. This Banner is brutal, and has no rules, no discipline, and can gobble down even Wolverine.

 6. Flashpoint Wonder Woman

Marvel DC Superheroes with Evil Versions

The most powerful strengths of Wonder Woman are not her superpowers but compassion and morals. And Flashpoint timeline had taken away these qualities from her, thus turning her into a rogue, cold and powerful warrior who was solely driven by world domination.

 7. Grid

DC superhero, Cyborg as we know, is a half-man and half-machine. The grid on the other hand is an A.I whose body was created from Cyborg. It happened when Cyborg was on a quest to fetch information on the rogue meta-humans. What he didn’t realize was that an under-lying software connected itself to the A.I of Cyborg and collected all the information. On the arrival of the Crime Syndicate, Grid disconnected its cybernetic components from Cyborg, got rid of his humanity, and gained full control of the body. Post becoming a full-bodied A.I., Grid joined the Crime Syndicate.

 8. Captain Hydra

Marvel DC Superheroes with Evil Versions

It’s been almost a year since Avengers: Endgame but there are certain iconic moments that we aren’t yet over with. And Captain America’s unbelievable “Hail Hydra!” moment was of them. We know that he never meant it, except for in the comics. After Kubik alters Steve Roger’s past, he becomes a super-soldier for the Hydra. Eventually, Steve Rogers becomes Captain Hydra instead of Captain America. His genius intellect was also enhanced thus making him similar to God.

 9. Maestro

Marvel DC Superheroes with Evil Versions

Maestro was a more powerful and intelligent version of Hulk and Bruce Banner, respectively. After the world was attacked by a nuclear war, Hulk absorbed more gamma energy than what he was already born with. This turned him insane but made him invincible.

 10. Injustice Superman

Injustice Movie Under Work Featuring Evil Superman

Superman was so unfairly powerful that many characters feared could be a threat to Earth someday. The fact that he could withstand any nuclear level ballistics and move a planet made him invincible and close to God. But an entity with such unlimited powers needs to be in complete sanity so he can keep a check on himself. But when Joker tricked Superman into killing his pregnant wife, Lois Lane in Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, devastation fell upon Earth. Superman turned off his humanity and forgot all his principles and ideals. He became a tyrant who wanted to complete world domination.

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