10 Most Powerful Supernatural Super Villains Batman Has Fought (And Defeated)

Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated:

Batman is a man of science. He believes in facts and figures. Magic is just science that has not been understood yet. But that does not stop the DC Universe from throwing all kinds of villains at him, some of them being huge proponents and advocates of the mysterious arcane arts.

 1. William Cobb

Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated

William Cobb is the great-grandfather of Dick Grayson, the superhero now known as Night Wing. William Cobb was kidnapped by the Court of Owls when he was young after the Court acknowledged his amazing acrobatic and fighting abilities. Cobb was turned into a loyal and ardent supporter of the Court. He was then turned into a Talon, a loyal immortal soldier of the Court of Owls after he was imbibed with a mystical chemical compound which granted him superhuman strength, healing abilities, and superhuman speed.

William Cobb once fought Batman to a point Batman was convinced there was no way he could punch his way out the guy’s chokehold. The only weakness a Talon possesses is cold temperature, which is how Batman managed to survive the encounter.

 2. Count Dracula

In an alternate reality called Earth-43, there is a story. A story of how Batman once fought the King of all Vampires. Count Dracula is the Lord of all Blood Suckers and has an army of bat-like creatures under his possession. After learning of the exploits of the Batman, Count Dracula leads his army to descend onto Gotham City and challenge this new enemy. Batman and his allies fight Count Dracula and his army valiantly.

Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated

Many lives are lost but Batman finally manages to subdue Dracula, who is then mercilessly dispatched. But Dracula is not someone who could be taken out this easily. Before dying, Dracula bites Batman and turns him into a vampire and his heir. Batman tries to stop himself from lashing out at innocent people but ends up becoming a vampire, drinking the blood of the supervillains in his Rogues Gallery.

 3. Doctor Hurt

Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated

Doctor Hurt’s real name is Thomas Wayne. He shares his name with the biological father of Bruce Wayne. The only difference between the two is that the former was born in the 1700s. Doctor Hurt is actually a devil cult worshipper. He is an ancestor of the Wayne family and considered to be the black sheep of the Wayne Empire. Once doing a powerful ritual, Doctor Hurt accidentally summoned an alien weapon called the Hyper Adapter.

Supernatural Super Villains Batman Has Fought

The rest of the people involved in the summoning ran away in horror but Hurt stayed behind. He was ready to accept his gifts from his ‘God’ whom he thought was the Dark Lord Barbatos. The weapon did give him ability – He gained immortality. Letting go of his Wayne heritage, he adopted the name of Simon Hurt and terrorized Gotham for centuries.

 4. Ra’s Al Ghul

The Demon’s Head has lived on for centuries thanks to the mystical Lazarus Pits. The pits grant him true immortality as long as he takes a dip in it every now and then, healing his injuries and de-aging him-self. Ra’s Al Ghul is also the Head of the powerful international Terrorist Organization called the League of Assassins. One of the most powerful villains on Earth, Ra’s Al Ghul has managed to obtain tremendous wealth, fortune and power thanks to his heightened longevity. Many consider Ra’s Al Ghul to be the next greatest Batman Super Villain after the Joker.

 5. Gentleman Ghost

Supernatural Super Villains Batman Has Fought

The villain known as the Gentleman Ghost began his life as James Craddock. Craddock was part of a motley English mob crew during the Victorian Times. He later became an infamous Highway Man and a very notorious burglar and robber, looting the travelers of their most valuable possessions at gunpoint. Hawkman, who was then known as Night Hawk, believed that his partner Cinnamon was violated and killed by Craddock, who now went by the name of Gentleman Jim.

Supernatural Super Villains Batman Has Fought

Nighthawk killed Craddock in vengeance only to realize that he was not the one to be blamed for Cinnamon’s death. Craddock’s soul could not pass on to the after-life until Hawkman could die. Since Hawkman is caught in an endless cycle of reincarnation, Craddock became a wandering soul forever cursed to roam the Earth as the Gentleman Ghost.

 6. Nocturna

We are not talking about the blood-sucking vampire called Nocturna here. The one we mean is Natalia Knight. Once a huge Batman villain, Knight became one of Batman’s many love interests over the years. She is also Jason Todd’s God Mother. Natalia Knight met with an accident that once left her without any pigmentation in her skin as well as a terrible aversion to light. To top it off, Natalia realized that the man who adopted her as her father – Charles Knight, is actually a career criminal and his wealth is the result of years and years of anti-social activities. To cure her condition, she joined her brother Anton and became a career criminal her-self.

 7. Neron

Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated

Neron is a major DC Super Villain. He got on the bad side of Batman in particular after he was revealed to be the orchestrator of Under World Unleashed. The plot involved random supervillains surfacing to reveal they have superpowers now. Gotham became a battleground as the supervillains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery kept springing up in the city with their newfound abilities, wreaking havoc all over the area. Batman had a hard time stopping them all and there were a lot of casualties.

Neron, the Demon Lord, who gave the supervillains their superpowers in exchange for their souls, even offered Batman a way out. In return for Batman’s soul, he promised he could bring back Jason Todd from the dead. Batman obviously declined because he had made peace with Todd’s death.

 8. Copperhead

Supernatural Super Villains Batman Has Fought

Copperhead was just an ordinary guy who used a suit that allowed him to constrict his enemies and kill them by strangulating them. He was a lowly villain that never amounted to anything. Copperhead was a recurring character who was actually scared of Batman and only operated in Gotham City when he was sure Batman was engaged elsewhere. That all changed when Copperhead was involved in the storyline called Under World Unleashed. Copperhead sold his soul to Neron, the God of Hell, and became an actual human-snake hybrid. He could now not only spew venom but also use his superior physical attributes to fight Batman to a standstill.

 9. The Mad Monk

The villain is known as the Mad Monk or simply the Monk is one of the oldest foes of Batman. He was introduced decades ago when he tried to hypnotize Bruce Wayne’s then Fiancé Julie Madison into doing his bidding. The Mad Monk claims to be a vampire and can suck the life force out of other people. That has never been tested to be true. He is always seen wearing a mysterious red robe and has a tendency to get under Batman’s skin.

The myth about him being an actual mythical creature was never busted. There is still a debate whether the Monk was just a guy who knew some tricks that helped him hypnotize people or was he truly a vampire as he claimed to be. A latter issue did confirm that Batman took him down via bullets made out of silver though.

 10. Felix Faust

Felix Faust is a very powerful magician that has walked the Earth for more than 5000 years. Faust is an occult practitioner who has always looked out for more and more power he can amass through mystical means. Faust lacks the magical acumen to master high-level spells but he more than makes up for it in his willingness to sacrifice literally anything to fulfill his heart’s desire.

Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated

Faust can turn back the time itself as well as fly, create powerful energy blasts, and even defy death and become immortal by using magic. All of this, he has learned after giving up his soul to demons and earning access to huge reservoirs of magic in return. While treated classically as a Wonder Woman villain, Faust has gone toe to toe with batman several times in the past. Batman has always had back up most of the time he went against Faust in the form of the Justice League or the Justice Society.

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