Fans Call For Marvel-DC Crossover To Save Comic Book Industry Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

Marvel DC Crossover Amidst COVID-19:

The Comic Book Industry has been hit the hardest after the Coronavirus lockdowns came into effect. Since all non-essential stores are closed and digital sales still being at a very nascent stage for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, the industry is seeing a slowdown it might be able to recover from. There has to be a solution and a quick fix for the problem which will soon eat up and destroy the comic book world. One radical solution the comic book fans all over the world are suggesting is so ground-breaking that if implemented, they might just save Marvel and DC altogether. The fans suggest Marvel and DC should join hands to weather this storm.

First DC Marvel Crossover

The comic book world has been grievously affected by the lockdown. Their sales have plummeted and with so little profit margins, they will not survive for long if things continue the way they are right now. The Comic Book Professionals and the ardent fans of the genre are proposing a crossover between Marvel and DC Comics to keep things afloat and keep the fans interested as well as at the edges of their seats. Will the COVID-19 outbreak make Marvel and DC do the unthinkable??

Gail Simone, a rather well-known comic book writer and artist, was the first to come up with this idea that has gained traction over the following days since it became mainstream news. Gail Simone took to twitter to point out her views and why the two greatest comic book giants of the world should consider this option. She said and we quote:

Marvel DC Crossover Amidst COVID-19

“You could have Vision/Mr. Miracle by Tom King. Thor/Wonder Woman by Donny Cates. Superman/Spider-man by Brian Michael Bendis. What other crossovers would you like to see, and by which creative teams?”

Gail even came up with the now popular hashtag #PleaseMarvelDC to garner support for her new campaign to make the two houses join hands for the greater good.

It is not just Gail Simone who is spearheading this charge. Severla other writers have also come forward to support Simone’s views. Tom Taylor claimed that he is open to working on an X-Men Justice League crossover if given the green signal. Scott Snyder, famous DC writer stated that if they are going to write a Marvel-DC Crossover event, he would like to do a piece bordering on – Batman vs. pretty much everyone!! Christos Cage proposed a post-plague Marvel-DC Crossover based on Kamandi and Devil Dinosaur. Marvel Writer in Chef Donny Cates even went so far as to state which titles he would like to focus on – Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, Venom and Batman, Thor and Superman – were some of the suggestions that came out of the top of Cates’ minds.

Superhero Movies

Patrick Zircher claims that there are so many possibilities and frontiers both DC Comics and Marvel Comics could explore that the applications of a crossover are pretty much endless.

It is just being too overly optimistic or are we moving towards a whole new world – one where Marvel and DC are not two but one singular entity?

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Forever alone in a crowd, failed comedian Arthur Fleck seeks connection as he walks the streets of Gotham City. Arthur wears two masks — the one he paints for his day job as a clown, and the guise he projects in a futile attempt to feel like he’s part of the world around him. Isolated, bullied and disregarded by society, Fleck begins a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker.

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