Doctor Strange And Ghost Rider Have Officially Declared War on Each Other

Doctor Strange And Ghost Rider Declared War:

Marvel Comics has some of the most powerful superheroes to ever exist in the history of comic books. Out of them, some of them are true masters of magic and the arcane arts. Magic is a very twisted little discipline in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. It has helped achieve wonders as well as create monsters. It is basically a double-edged sword and the way you use it determines the consequences of where one might end up in. Marvel Comics has recently decided to feature a storyline where two of the strongest magic-using superheroes in the comic books will be trading their mystical fists and knowhow after declaring war against each other.

Doctor Strange And Ghost Rider Declared War

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Ghost Rider #5 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Marvel has finally made a story arc where Doctor Strange aka the Sorcerer Supreme and Johnny Blaze aka the Ghost Rider will end up encountering each other in a grand battle of magic. Johnny Blaze has recently driven the Demon Lord of hell – Mephisto out of the Mystical Prison that Doctor Strange created to contain the King of Hell. This has placed the Ghost Rider at loggerheads with Doctor Strange. Both of them are about to get in and dirty on this one.

Johnny Blaze’s little stunt has angered the Sorcerer Supreme. He will not take his actions lightly and retribution might be coming for the Spirit of Vengeance. The Ghost Rider is going through some truly tough times in the comic books. Johnny Blaze has dethroned Mephisto to become the new Lord of Hell. Doctor Strange managed to trick Mephisto into a prison of his own design that was powerful enough to keep him quarantined.

Doctor Strange And Ghost Rider Declared War

Danny Ketch, the new Ghost Rider who opposed Johnny Blaze’s tyrannical rule over Hell, has let a demonic spirit from Limbo being hailed as the Anti-Ghost Rider, to possess him. Johnny Blaze is also going to have to handle the fact that Lilith is coming for his head and opposes his rule. Mephisto’s recent escape only complicates matters since the former Demon Lord will want his Kingdom back.

Blaze and Mephisto are seen having a good time at a Highway bar. Blaze is being warned by Mephisto, who states that Lilith will never accept Blaze’s rule and already has an army of demons at her possession that will be more than happy to die for her fighting Blaze. The Demon Belasco – who was once the rule of the Limbo dimension, is also joining forces with her.

Doctor Strange And Ghost Rider Declared War

The pair wants to merge all the Under Worlds of the Marvel Comic Book Universe under one single management. Blaze and Mephisto are then seen riding along a highway when a portal opens and transports the two Kings of Hell to a snowy landscape where the Sorcerer Supreme is seen ready for a duel to the death.

Mephisto was last seen in the Damnation story arc where he almost killed Doctor Strange before the latter managed to trap him on the top floor of Hotel Inferno, where he was kept prisoner for a long time until Blaze helped him escape. Strange does not look happy with what Blaze did to him. A huge battle is coming.

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Doctor Strange And Ghost Rider Declared War

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