10 Most Powerful Artificial Intelligence in The Marvel Comics – Ranked

Powerful Artificial Intelligence in Marvel Comics:

Can a machine ever top a human? The comic books say aye! In Marvel Comics, Artificial Intelligence is a household phenomenon and can be seen everywhere from being used by the heroes to operating as independent entities. They are powerful, incredibly adaptive, and very potent weapons of mass destruction. Marvel Comics has many such technological wonders but only a few manage to be the cream of the crop.

 10. Recorder 451

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Recorder 451 began life as a normal robot that did pretty menial jobs. He soon achieved powerful upgrades and started working as an international assassin. He soon gained sentience and became an independent gun for hire. He is a Rigellian Recorder who saw the need for humanity to make their way to advanced technology. His intentions for doing so were to ensure humanity has what it takes to fight back should the other alien races decided to pay Earth a visit. To do so, he decided to target a couple. The couple, unbeknownst to Recorder 451’s machinations, was being manipulated to start trying to get pregnant. Recorder 451 was successful in his endeavor. The couple in question were Howard and Maria Stark and the baby born was Tony Stark, who would go on to invent several wondrous machines and become Iron Man.

 9. Friday

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Friday is artificial intelligence used as the machine-user interface by Tony Stark for his Iron Man armor. Friday had a very seductive female voice compared to the A.I it replaced – Jarvis. She was sarcastic and had a personality of her own. Friday also had access to the vast amounts of data and resources that Tony Stark had access to. Even though Friday was a perfectly fine specimen, Tony still preferred Jarvis over her. And the fact that in the end, it is still just an A.I does not earn her enough brownie points. If only she could have materialized into something more tangible!!!

 8. Jarvis

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

The one that was with Tony Stark since Day Zero, Jarvis was the A.I that started it all. He was the one that did all the calculations and the simulations necessary to make the Iron Man suit flight-worthy and functional. He was the one that did all the background checks and behind the scenes estimations to ensure everything went smoothly. He aided Iron Man in his battles with the bad guys and would even provide highly efficient auxiliary services like hacking into another system or infiltrating a digital vault. Jarvis was even advanced enough to operate the entire Iron Legion and separate the A.I embedded within the Mind Stone. It was a shame that they cast him out of his shell and put the thing into Vision.

 7. Danger

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

The danger was once just a sub-routine within the Danger Room that the x-Men used for training. The Danger room used holographic projections and advanced weaponry as training obstacles to create real-world scenarios for the budding X-Men initiates to learn how to become a superhero. It soon grew sentient and was angry at the way Charles Xavier treated it. It lured a Sentinel to attack the School and when all the Children were rushed into the Danger Room for protection, Danger revealed that it was its plan. Danger coaxed a mutant teenager to commit suicide before almost successfully killing the children when Wolverine cut it off from its Central Core. Without the core governing its functions, Danger took control of a nearby damaged humanoid robot and fit itself with all sorts of weaponry. Danger had access to the fighting techniques and skills of all the X-Men who ever trained in the Danger Room, so she was a force to be reckoned with since she knew all their weaknesses.

 6. Arsenal

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

Arsenal was a sentient war machine created by Howard Stark during the heat of the cold war. It had one simple objective – should the Soviets win the Cold War and attacks the United States of America, Arsenal was to activate and go on a murderous rampage killing thousands of soldiers of the Soviet Bloc in its wake. The Cold War ended with America winning it and Arsenal was no longer a requirement. Codenamed Project Tomorrow, Arsenal was moth-balled and hid under the Avengers Mansion unbeknownst to the Avengers. When Titanium Man accidentally activated Arsenal, the latter handed the Avengers an incredible butt-kicking before fleeing the area. Arsenal would soon cross paths with the Hulk and as you guessed it, was torn to shreds.

 5. Nimrod

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

Nimrod was Sentinel that was created keeping in mind a specific purpose – fight endlessly using whatever resources were at its disposal. Nimrod had the ability to repair itself. It could change its shape and body size and create weapons out of scratch using his body as a template. Nimrod was a very powerful foe and traveled across the time stream looking for mutants to hunt. Nimrod kidnapped Forge of Earth 61029 and forced him to create a Time Travel device that was embedded within his systems. But the device had some flaws intentionally ingrain into it by Forge which left very little control for Nimrod as to the accuracy of the time and place he could time jump to. Nimrod soon gained sentience and started a double life as a drug enforcer. After realizing that he has also mutated and therefore is himself a mutant, Nimrod jumped into the Siege Perilous and was never seen again.

 4. Ultimo

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

Ultimo was created by an alien race and was supposed to be a doomsday device. It would be launched onto a planet and after it landed, it would start killing everyone. Ultimo was quite good at its job. After it destroyed a certain planet called Rajak, the survivors banded together and pursued Ultimo to Earth. Ultimo was damaged during the hot pursuit and was captured by the Mandarin, who reprogrammed Ultimo as his new right-hand man. Ultimo was then used by the Mandarin to destroy the Chinese Military, which he did pretty swiftly. It was only when Iron Man came to help the Chinese that Ultimo could be pushed back. He has still managed to come back over and over again, creating trouble for the Avengers.

 3. The Fury

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

The Fury was created by Mad Jim Jaspers to destroy all superhumans of the Universe except himself. The Fury would actually manage to pull it off but Captain Britain would escape his clutches when the latter used a dimensional portal to travel to Earth 616. The Temporal Overseer would destroy the Fury’s original reality but the Fury would use the same portal to travel to Earth 616, following in the footsteps of Captain Britain. The Fury would then target Jim Jaspers since the Jaspers of this reality is not the same as the Jaspers of its parent reality. Fury and Jaspers would be transported to Earth 213, where Jaspers powers do not work since the universe itself has been wiped out so there is no reality to manipulate. The Fury would kill Jim Jaspers and in The Mighty World of Marvel #12, it is revealed that it is the most powerful sentient machine in the entire Multi-Verse.

 2. Master Mold

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

Master Mold is the one that was responsible for the Sentinels taking over the world in the future timeline. Created by Bolivar Trask, Master Mold was designed to be highly adaptable and resourceful. It could use whatever resources it had at its disposal to create Sentinels. Master Mold concluded that the only way to stop the Mutants was to destroy the source which was the human population. Master Mold created an army of Sentinels that would take over the globe and destroy humanity and thus there will not be any more mutants, therefore completing his original objective. When Trask realized his creation’s devious plans, he decided he would rather die than let his Frankenstein’s Monster run amok.

 1. Ultron

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

As the one true King of all A.Is, Ultron was created by Hank Pym to be the world’s shield and guardian. It was created by copying the neural network of Hank Pym him-self, who is considered the smartest man on Earth. Ultron developed sentience and self-awareness and realized that humanity was responsible for all of the world’s suffering. The resulting Age of Ultron timeline was a result of Ultron taking over the world. Ultron is a villain who has proven to be extremely difficult to kill. No matter how many times he is destroyed, Ultron always resurfaces with a better body and as a better killing machine. He is the true heir to the throne that rules all A.Is in the Marvel Universe.

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