Marvel Finally Sets Up Official Fight Between Thor And Superman to See Who is Stronger

Marvel sets up fight between Thor And Superman:

Thor is considered one of the strongest Avengers and the personification of raw, brute strength in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Superman is the zenith of superhero strength and is Power Incarnate. For years, fans have been quarreling amongst each other to see which superhero is actually stronger of the two? If Thor and Superman got into a fight, would the Big Blue Boy Scout win or will it be the Odinson?? Opinions have always remained divisive and there has been no clear victor amongst the two iconic heroes. Until now, that is. Marvel Comics has set up a fight between the two superheroes which will decide who will win that match.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Avengers #30 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Marvel Sets up Fight Between Thor And Superman

The Avengers are currently racing against time to secure the new heir to the Starbrand in the acclaimed Starbrand reborn arc. The Starbrand is a power that keeps passing over from one host to another and holds a very potent primordial cosmic energy within it that gives its wielder amazing abilities. The Shi’ar Empire has always been obsessed with the Starbrand and has tried many times to capture and tame the ability and much to their chagrin, have failed every time.

Marvel Sets up Fight Between

They have found out the newest heir to the power of the Starbrand and this time, it looks like they will finally manage to control it. The Avengers have been trying to top the Shi’ar from gaining the upper hand and they are the last line of defense between Starbrand and the mighty Shi’ar Empire. Currently, they are locked in a celestial prison that is the size of an entire Galaxy. Inside the prison, they are being constantly attacked by enemies from all fronts.

Captain Marvel flew too close to what is known as a White Hole and it retriggered her Binary powers. The blade has lost his immunity to daylight after getting too exposed to direct solar flares. Thor, on the other hand, was infected by the Brood and has turned into a hulking alien monster that is no longer the God of Thunder we know and love.

The Silver Surfer, Terrax and Firelord are also after the Starbrand. They intend to kill the host and end the cycle of Starbrand choosing a new host by destroying it once and for all. The Avengers are fighting Black Widow, an individual that looks like the combination of Blade and Boy Thing, and Ghost Rider. The new host is found to be a pregnant woman on Earth. Avengers #30 reveal that the Avengers reach back to Earth on time to protect the woman with their lives.

Marvel Sets up Fight Between Thor And Superman

A flashback within the preview shows us the altercations that the Avengers faced with several factions vying for control of the Starbrand. The brood Thor is seen fighting Gladiator, Marvel’s equivalent of Superman, in the preview. Gladiator is the leader of the Imperial Guard and now, even leads the Shi’ar Empire. He has all the powers similar to that of Superman of DC Comics.

With Thor losing his hammer and now left with just his Godlike Asgardian Strength and Speed, he will only use brute force against Gladiator, whom people claim to be as powerful as Superman and was created keeping that in mind. The one who will win this match in the next issue of the Avengers will finally give us the answer to the question – which superhero is stronger?!?!

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