Father of Marvel’s Most Dangerous Hulk Revealed And it Will Surprise You

Father of Hulk Revealed:

There have been a lot of superheroes in comic books that have grown with childhood trauma and abuse as painful memories of their past. The Hulk is no different. Whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger – or at least that is how the saying goes. The Hulk has had multiple iterations of the Jade Giant that have manifested according to the mental strain that Bruce Banner goes through. Amongst those multiple versions, the one that actually is considered to be the most unpredictable and deadliest has decided to finally reveal who his father is. Before you start to say it does not make any sense, dive in to find out why Banner said what he said.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for The Immortal Hulk and Incoming up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Father of Hulk Revealed

It has been several decades since the Hulk first debuted in the comic books. Bruce Banner was a measly scientist who was selected to head a research project on Gamma Radiation. When those Gamma Rays were exposed to him, Banner became the Hulk. But the Hulk’s psyche was heavily influenced by Bruce Banner’s memories as a child. When he was just a kid, Bruce’s father Brian Banner always verbally and physically abused him and was an entity of torture for young Bruce. The reason the Hulk is so aggressive is that it is just made up of a part of the subconscious mind of Bruce Banner which grew to become violent and defensive due to continued exposure to trauma.

Father of Hulk Revealed

It was recently revealed that Bruce Banner’s father – Brian Banner, is actually the Avatar of the One-Below-All and had amazing superpowers to rival that of the Hulk. But like we said, the Hulk is not just one entity. It all depends on what Bruce Banner is going through at the time. The Hulk’s shrewdest and most cunning persona is called Joe Fixit. And believe it or not, for Joe Fixit, the Hulk’s father is not Brian Banner.

It is Mike Berengetti.

Father of Hulk Revealed

Mike Berengetti was a Mob Boss and Casino owner in Marvel Comics that hired Joe Fixit as an enforcer and in exchange for the hulk’s services Berengetti made him a Vegas High Roller and blessed him with a luxurious lifestyle. When Doc Samson is trying to figure out Joe Fixit’s issues, he brings up Brian Banner and Fixit is quick to correct him by saying that it was Berengetti who influenced him kore and taught him the ways of the world while Brian only talked with his fists. Fixit respected Berengetti because he knew Mike Berengetti trusted him and always kept him by his side.

Father of Hulk Revealed

The Joe Fixit persona is currently in control of Bruce’s body and as the Hulk fights Roxxon and is trying to stop the corporation from taking over the world, Fixit has revealed that he might have his own plans. Let us see how he brings Berengetti’s teachings of “Trust No One But Your-self” to play here.

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