10 Deadliest Lords of Crime of DC That Are Too Scary Even For The Justice League

Deadliest Lords of Crime of DC:

The DC Universe is filled with evil and crime that the superheroes of the Erath fight on a daily basis. The Justice League is the greatest team of superheroes in DC Comics. They are Gods amongst men. But even Gods sometimes find it hard to lay their hands on some folks. If you have the cunningness, resources and the wit required to out-smart the greatest superheroes of Earth, anyone would be scared of what you are capable of. That is exactly what these guys have managed to pull off.

 1. Black Mask

Facts About Black Mask

Roman Sionis was heir to the Sionic Family’s fortune, one of the most elite families of Gotham City. But Sionis would lose all his inheritance to gambling and would soon go into depression and alcoholism. After losing about to insanity, he was reborn again as the Black Mask. He now heads the False Face Society. As Black Mask, Sionis commands a level of power unlike any Crime Lord the DC Universe has ever seen. Under his reign, Gotham’s organize crime came under one umbrella, something not even Carmine Falcone could manage to do. Black Mask is also one of the most gifted Strategists and Tacticians the Superheroes had ever had the misfortune of facing. He is also one of the world’s greatest interrogators and is proficient and derives pleasure from torturing his hostages.

 2. Carmine Falcone

Kinds of Magic in Marvel

Carmine Falcone was the original ruler of Gotham City. Before Batman and the rest of the supervillains took over the city, Carmine Falcone ruled the streets with an iron fist. He was the king of Organized Crime and his network and operations ran deep. Falcone would soon see his empire declining after Two-Face emerged, who took away a large chunk of his territory and forced him to retreat to Italy. Even without his former empire backing him up, Carmine still has a lot of clout. His criminal activities have increased his net worth by up to 600 Million Dollars and he has developed some powerful connections making him virtually untouchable.

 3. The Penguin

Matt Reeves Batman

Oswald Cobblepot had always been picked upon. He was born with a crippling disability that restricted his movements and forcing him to walk with a limp, earning him the name “The Penguin”. His enemies always looked down upon him and Oswald used his opponents’ underestimation of his abilities to his advantage to take them out sooner than they could even realize. The Penguin has used this strategy to climb through the ranks unlike any Crime Lord Gotham has ever seen. At one point of time, he controlled the police and even the city administration was in his pockets. For each Dollar Gotham earns, Penguin gets a percentage of that – is what the saying goes.

 4. Roland Desmond

Deadliest Lords of Crime of DC

Roland Desmond was just a baby when a Genetic Bomb exploded on his face and left him completely crippled. His family allowed scientists to experiment on him and used steroids to return him back to normal. Roland managed to walk again as well as gain superhuman physical attributes but was cursed with lowered intelligence due to the experiments. Roland Desmond then made a devil’s deal with Neron and was given genius-level intellect. As the new Blockbuster, Roland took control of Bludhaven and became a regular menace for Nightwing.

 5. Two-Face

Two-Face was born in a very poor family. Harvey Dent had to learn his way out of poverty. He got admission into one of the most prestigious law schools in the country and came back to Gotham to clean the city up. He soon made District Attorney and took down many famous criminals. When he was prosecuting Sal Maroni – a powerful Mob boss, he threw acid at Dent’s face and permanently disfigured him. Harvey was so mentally scarred by the ordeal that he developed a split personality to protect his fragile psyche. Using the same networks and connections with Gotham’s Organized Crime segment he had developed when he was District Attorney, Dent became Two-Face, one of Batman’s greatest enemies.

 6. Bruno Mannheim

Deadliest Lords of Crime of DC

Bruno “Ugly” Mannheim is a devoted follower of the Crime Bible. He literally believes in Crime as a religion and is an ardent worshipper of Cain – the First Murderer. His Criminal Organization called Inter Gang is actually a cult that worships Cain and follows the teachings of the Crime Bible. So that makes Bruno basically a cult-like messianic figure for criminals who consider him to be a messenger of their God. It is because of using religion as a weapon is why Bruno has become so powerful. Inter Gang’s religious teachings find disciples in the farthest corners of the country and people flock to join Inter Gang. Bruno Mannheim regularly carries out despicable rituals like Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice to appease his “Crime Gods”. Oh and did we mention he has connections with Darkseid and is regularly supplied high tech weapons by Apokolips’ forces?!?!

 7. Great White Shark

Warren White was once a very wicked and evil financier who stole innocent middle-class families’ pension and education funds in a mass fraud scheme that he was heading. He was caught and sent to Arkham Asylum for psych evaluation when he pleaded insanity to escape prison. Once inside with the worst of Gotham’s Criminals, Warren met the shock of his life when he was locked in a room that had a temperature below zero degrees for an entire day! When he was finally rescued, Warren had lost his facial extremities – his eyelids, nose, ears and lips were completely damaged beyond repair. He had also gone insane in a true sense of irony. Warren sharpened his teeth and became the Great White Shark – Gotham’s go-to guy for special weapons and vehicles needed for all sorts of criminal activities and started a criminal empire.

 8. Ra’s Al Ghul

Richest DC Super Villains

This man needs no instruction. Once a middle-eastern assassin born in Medieval Times, Ra’s Al Ghul found the Lazarus Pit, a mysterious pool that had magical properties which granted immortality. Ra’s Al Ghul then started an international organization of assassins called the League of Assassins. He used the Lazarus Pit to remain in the pink of health and helped the League of Assassins grow roots deep into the nooks and crannies of the whole world. Ra’s Al Ghul is a feared criminal overlord who can take down any person he wishes with just a simple command. Since he has been around for so long, he has amassed huge wealth and resources and is in the possession of a legion of assassins at his disposal.

 9. King Snake

King Snake may be a fairly unknown individual but he is also the father to one of the greatest Batman villains of all time – Bane. King Snake’s real name is Edmund Dorrance and he was born in the United Kingdom. When Dorrance was a teenager, he had already been involved in activities like smuggling and trafficking. He would become a part of the British Army when he was 24 and quickly rose through the ranks. King Snake learned martial arts when he was stationed in Hong Kong to smuggle drugs and weapons into the City-State. King Snake is one of the world’s deadliest martial artists who command a force that even the Triad thinks twice before crossing paths with.

 10. Sabbac

Deadliest Lords of Crime of DC

Sabbac is in many ways the true anti-thesis of Shazam aka Captain Marvel. While Shazam is powered by Six Gods of different pantheons that are torchbearers of light, Sabbac is powered by Six Gods of Pure Evil. Sabbac draws powers from Satan, Aym, , Belial, Belzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis. Sabbac’s real name is Ishmael Gregor and all his life, he has only known to bring misery to the Shazam family. Apart from his own sets of superpowers, Sabbac commands an army of Russians that act as his underground enforcers. One of New York’s most powerful Mob bosses, Sabbac is not only crafty but also a very cunning and shrewd individual who will stoop down to any level to get the job done. He even uses terrorism as a means of extortion for the entire City.

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