10 Strongest Heralds of Galactus – Ranked

As one of the most powerful adversaries of the Avengers, Galactus is a force to be reckoned with. He is rightfully called the Devourer of Worlds. Galactus is not a being of this universe. He was an inhabitant of the universe that predated the current one. When the Big Bang happened, Galactus survived the absorbing whatever energy was left over after the dawn of creation, thus becoming a cosmic entity. And thus began his reign of terror. His insatiable hunger needed him to search for planets he could harvest and devour. To help him achieve that, he needed scouts, people who could go in different directions and get to the corners of the universe and mark the planets that are ripe for the taking. These scots were imbued with the Power Cosmic – the same energy that powers Galactus, and they were henceforth known as the ‘Heralds of Galactus’.  And we are here to present the 10 strongest of them all. Presenting – 10 Strongest Heralds of Galactus – Ranked!!!

 10. Red Shift

Heralds of Galactus

The Red Shift was the Herald of Galactus when the Devourer of Worlds was in his darkest phase. The being known as Galactus had been driven insane by his limitless hunger and was ready to break all the rules and harvest any planet that had sentient life on it. Red Shift had been of immense help in helping Galactus achieve that. The Red Shift would then meet his doom after coming to Earth. There he fought the Silver Surfer and was thoroughly outclassed. The Red Shift’s greatest ability was opening portals using his swords. The Silver Surfer used his portal generating power to trap him in a black hole and took away his swords, killing him instantly.

 9. The Fallen One

Heralds of Galactus

The Fallen One has the distinction of being the first ever Herald of Galactus. When Galactus found out that for all his immense power, he could still not be at all places at once, he chose the Fallen One to be the first of his forces to act as a scout for him in places he never had the time to get to. But the Fallen One was a highly volatile character. His unpredictability combined with his ability to access the Power cosmic made him a huge threat that needed to be dealt with as fast as possible. So Galactus decided to imprison him indefinitely. He has tried to kill Galactus several times in the past and failed every time. At one point of time, he was even a Herald of Thanos and worked under him. He was later killed by the Gods Tenebrous and Aegis while they were chasing after Thanos.

 8. Air Walker

Heralds of Galactus

The search for a New Herald for Galactus after the Silver Surfer betrayed the Destroyer of Worlds ended with Gabriel Lan. Gabriel Lan was a former veteran of the Nova Corps and him and Galactus struck an uncanny friendship, the first of its kind for either a Herald of Galactus and even Galactus himself. Gabriel Lan became Air Walker and helped Galactus traverse entire galaxies and devour planets of his choice. After Gabriel Lan met his match in the form of an Ovoid War Fleet, he died protecting his friend. Galactus, in honor of his lost ally, decided to harvest his consciousness and put it into a robot replica although Gabriel Lan was never the same again.

 7. Invisible Boy

Heralds of Galactus

Fearing Galactus and his insatiable hunger, a few alien races formed an alliance. Together with all their scientific minds combined, the alliance created a technology that could stealthily hide entire planets from Galactus’ vision. Galactus, fearing that the proliferation of such technology to other races will spell his doom, decided to hire Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four to counter it. Little did he know that previous events on Earth had led to Johnny and Sue exchanging powers with each other? So, Galactus took Johnny Storm instead. Johnny became Invisible Boy after being imbued with Cosmic Energy and helped Galactus conquer worlds. But he later turned good again and helped the heroes turn back Galactus into Galan of Taa-an, ripping him off his cosmic powers.

 6. Fire Lord

Heralds of Galactus

Fire Lord was the Herald of Galactus after Air Walker. Pyreus Kril was also a Nova Corps member and a fellow comrade of Gabriel Lab aka Air Walker. After Lan went missing, Krill scoured the ends of the universe trying to find his best friend. He finally found what he had been seeking for – the answer to Lab’s location, after meeting Galactus. The Planet Killing machine agreed to divulge his location in return of his servitude. Kril agreed and was imbibed with the Power Cosmic, but Galactus double-crossed him by wiping out his memory. Fire Lord would regain back his memories after fighting Thor on Earth, though it would take him years to regain back his former self.

 5. Terrax the Tamer

Heralds of Galactus

The real name of Terrax theTamer was Tyros, an alien tyrant that used to rule over a planet with an Iron Fist. He was the King of the City of Lanlak. It took a great deal of time and energy for Galactus to defeat Tyros, who had the ability to control stone at will before he could turn him into his Herald. As Terrax the Tamer, Tyros’ abilities were amplified to now control entire planets, which he could move at will. His enmity with Galactus also grew tenfold, so Galactus took away all the Power Cosmic he had and killed him off to eliminate the threat.

 4. Stardust

Heralds of Galactus

Stardust was actually an Ethereal. Her real name is Lamada-Zero. Stardust may look graceful and pacifist to some. She is anything but. Stardust is probably the most ruthless Herald of Galactus in Cosmic History. After Galactus was done destroying a planet, Stardust would go out into space and pick apart any and all survivorships, ensuring that the species go extinct. She was also adamant on winning at all costs. When Galactus and Stardust attacked New Korbin, Beta Ray Bill almost managed to stop them. She would then conduct a suicide move, by using her entire power to open a dimensional portal that would lead to the entry of Asteroth, a powerful cosmic demon into this universe. Asteroth was eventually defeated but Stardust was almost killed while trying to summon him.

 3. Nova

Heralds of Galactus

Nova is actually a human being hailing from Planet Earth. Her real name is Frankie Raye and her powers are quite similar to those of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. Nova would help the Fantastic Four on various missions and was once involved with the Human Torch romantically. Nova soon took to the stars, thinking that there’s more to her life than just one tiny little planet. When Galactus came to threaten Earth again, Nova helped negotiate a compromise by becoming his Herald and was endowed with the power of a miniature star, now calling herself as Nova. She would later grow close to her master, only to let him go after she became fed up with Galactus’ unreasonable expectations.

 2. Morg

Heralds of Galactus

Morg was a former executioner in an alien planet in a distant part of the universe. After Nova defied Galactus and went on her merry way, Galactus decided to look for a new Herald. In the alien world, Morg was a native of, Galactus found a crazy lunatic that threatened the Destroyer of Worlds with violence without showing any signs of fear or hesitation. Morg’s resolve greatly impressed Galactus, who turned him into his new Herald. Morg’s powers would drastically increase after he found his way to the Well of Life. Armed with an indestructible double-ended axe, Morg defeated and killed countless former Heralds of Galactus. After Morg killed Nova, Galactus was infuriated and stripped Morg of all his powers.

 1. The Silver Surfer

Heralds of Galactus

Although many Heralds before him have tried to defeat Galactus, the only guy who has truly managed to do that multiple times is none other than the Silver Surfer. Born as Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer originally belonged to the utopian world of Zenn-La. Norrin decided to become a Herald of Galactus in return for the former sparing his home-planet. The Silver Surfer would finally break free of Galactus’ chains after he met the Fantastic Four and with the help of them and Uatu the Watcher, he defeated Galactus once and for all. Galactus has tried to get back at him several times after that, and he has failed each time.

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