Cosmic Ghost Rider is Now The Cosmic Punisher – He Will Now Punish The Entire Universe

Cosmic Ghost Rider is Now The Cosmic Punisher:

Frank Castle has become the new Ghost Rider and a Herald of Galactus. He now holds the power of the Spirit of Vengeance and the ability to manipulate and control the Power Cosmic. He is literally a force of nature. But now, Frank Castle is returning back to his original role. He is now no more going to serve any master but Justice. Frank is the one who gives out Punishment to the people who have wronged others. That was pretty much Ghost Rider’s job as well. While the former punishes evil, the latter punishes the damned. He is perfect for the job of becoming the Punisher for the entire cosmos. We still do not know why Marvel did not think of it earlier.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Revenge of the cosmic Rider #2. If you still have not read it yet, we suggest you look away….

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

Frank Castle is one of the superheroes who have had a major upgrade over the following months. Both in terms of character development and powers, Frank Castle aka the Punisher has improved dramatically. He is now the Ghost Rider as well as a wielder of the Power Cosmic. He left his role on Earth – that of punishing criminals and exacting revenge on the people who deserve it, long behind. But he has finally decided to make a grand comeback. The mantle of the Punisher will see the return of Frank Castle to the role. But his jurisdiction will not just stop at Earth. He will become the Universe’s Punisher.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is Now The Cosmic Punisher

Frank Castle is an anti-hero vigilante that uses violence to get back at evildoers. He has been pretty good at that job. After Thanos wipes out all of Earth’s superheroes in the Thanos Wins storyline, Frank Castle is also one of the many casualties of the battle. But during his last breaths, Castle makes a deal with Mephisto and becomes the new Ghost Rider. Now finally wielding the power to defeat Thanos, he realizes that there is nothing left to fight for.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is Now The Cosmic Punisher

He later becomes a Herald of Galactus and joins forces with Thanos, the being he was hell-bent on killing at first. As of now, the Cosmic Ghost Rider has had a lot of adventures. He has traveled back in time to kill baby Thanos which led to an entirely different adventure. He has also joined hands with the Guardians of the Galaxy. His story as the Cosmic Ghost Rider has a lot to offer.

In the second issue of the Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider, Frank gets into a tussle with the cosmic King, the Universe’s most powerful Crime Lord. He then falls back to his basic tactics of taking down a cartel. Frank starts from the bottom up and decides to take down Cosmic King’s criminal empire from below, first targeting his agents and then going for the head of the snake. Kammi, another individual that saved Frank Castle from almost certain death, is now his partner in crime.

Frank is back to his role of making crime pay for what they have done to the masses. And this time, it will be on a scale so grand the fans will be drooling all over the Cosmic Ghost Rider aka the Galactic Punisher. Let us see how this turn of events turns out for our Cosmic Ghost Rider. Maybe Frank will finally revert back to where he belongs and take up the mantle of the Punisher, which is rightfully his and his alone.

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