20 Cosmic Artifacts That Can Turn Anyone Into A Superhero!!

The Comics are filled with artifacts that are mysterious and powerful. Many Superheroes have used them to tap into vast reservoirs of unlimited energy, granting themselves with an immense array of superhuman abilities. The artifacts don’t have any criteria to be fulfilled for someone to control their power. Anyone can be a superhero if they manage to stumble upon one. Presenting 20 Cosmic Artifacts that can turn anyone into a Superhero…

Silver Surfer’s Board

As the herald of Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, The Silver Surfer commands the Power Cosmic – a primordial energy source originating from the Big Bang. Whoever stands on his board can thus manipulate this energy source. The materials used to create cosmic board is unknown but it is made up of same materials as Silver surfer’s body, hence it is impervious to any kind of physical damage. It always find its way to the master.


The Motherbox grants its user an array of abilities including teleportation, super human physical attributes, accelerated healing factor and energy manipulation powers. Cyborg is the greatest example of what happens when the Motherbox bonds to your body. It is sometimes also known as Change engine or Perpetual energy matrix. In Justice League, the ultimate purpose of Steppenwolf to come to Earth was to collect three Apokoliptian mother boxes from Amazonians, Atlanteans and Men who fought him thousands of years ago and won.

Makluan Power Rings

 Remaker, Spin, Influence, Spectral, Nightbringer, Daimonic, Incandescence, The Liar, Lightning, Zero – the ten Makluan Power Rings that has turned the Mandarin into a God. Forget about even the entire set, if you could get your hands on even one or two of these, you are good to go.

Nega Bands

Nega Bands are Kree Super weapons originally worn by Captain Mar-Vell (not the Brie Larson version). The Nega Bands were specifically designed to grant its wearer with the ability to manipulate energy on a cosmic scale.

Quantum Bands

 Quantum Bands were the brainchild of Eon and gifted to Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar. The Quantum Bands allow Vaughn to become a true cosmic superhero. One example of his power is when he once covered the entire Earth with a energy based sensory shield that allowed him to detect anything that came near Earth, including objects as small as micro-meteorites.

White Power Ring

 The White Power Ring is one of DC’s greatest cosmic super weapons. It allows the user to have absolute control over life itself. The Ring also has the standard power ring abilities like Energy constructs and Flight.

Terrigen Mists

Okay this may not be for everyone. The Terrigen Mists only work on those with Inhuman DNA in their genes. But here’s the thing, Quicksilver wasn’t Inhuman, he still managed to obtain superpowers from it. So it means so can you.

The Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force isn’t an object. It is a force of nature. But it has been tamed by many into submission. It was previously assumed the Phoenix Force only targeted those with latent psychic abilities to be its host. That is no longer the case.

In the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey will be shown to be merged with Phoenix force to become one of the most powerful cosmic beings. She will commit atrocities, destroy entire worlds and turn against her own fellow mutants. Atleast one of the major X-Men characters will die, it will most likely be Magneto.

Green Power Ring

 The Green Power Ring harnesses the wearer’s willpower to create almost anything out of green energy. The Green Power Ring is considered DC Universe’s greatest weapon. So if I wanted to be a superhero, it’s a green power ring I would opt for.

The Mobius Chair

 The Mobius Chair is not exactly a weapon. Whoever sits on the chair gains access to all the knowledge in the entire Multiverse. Metron has been mostly associated with it but Batman has also been its user. If Knowledge is indeed power, the Mobius Chair makes you a God of it.

The Rock of Eternity

 The Rock of Eternity is not just a cosmic artifact but a supernatural one as well. Sitting on its place in between heaven and hell since 5000 years, the Rock of Eternity houses the power of Shazam that turns Billy Batson into the mightiest mortal.

The Witchblade

 The Witchblade was the result of two primordial beings engaging under the sheets. The Darkness and the Angelus are sworn enemies that once ended up together. The end result was the Witchblade – an abomination that grants the user vast supernatural abilities.

H Dial

 The H-Dial is somewhat of a mystery in this list. It has a peculiar property – if you find yourself in a fix, just use the dial and it will grant you temporary superpowers. But the power it gives you always comes at a hefty price.


 The Symbiotes aren’t exactly ‘cosmic’ by nature. But they are so numerous and spread throughout the universe that they had to make this list. The Symbiotes attach to a host and give them superhuman abilities in exchange for the Symbiotes slowly sucking the life force out of its user like a parasite.

Cosmic Rod

The Cosmic Rod was created by Ted Knight, the first Starman. The Rod allows Knight to become a superhero by harnessing the power of the light reflected from the countless stars in the sky itself. It is the ultimate symbol of authority and holds total dominion over the negative force. It allows Cosmic rod user to harness, manipulate and amplify cosmic energies which greatly extends the life cycle.

Freedom Ring

The Ringmaster created the ring with the power of a cosmic cube before he was shot dead by the Punisher. Everyone must know by now the term ‘Cosmic Cube’ aka the Tesseract from MCU movies. Captain America was on his way to deliver the ring to S.H.I.E.L.D but he was attacked by MODOC squad and as a result ring fell off during the fight. Curtis Doyle found it and named it ‘Freedom ring’. The Freedom Ring contains a tiny portion of Tesseract. Whoever wears the ring is granted limited reality manipulation powers.

Star Brand

The Star Brand is basically a tattoo that draws power from the limitless space-time continuum itself. The tattoo can be passed from person to person. It allows the bearer to have infinite powers but it is limited to user’s imagination. It is both a gift and a curse.

It was first wielded by ‘Old Man’ who had it since middle ages, but he grew tired of immortality so he gave it to another person called Ken Connell. He used the band to fight evil aliens and superbeings only to get tired of it. He wanted to fly to space, used most of the power of the band and turned to radioactive dust as he could’nt come back safely to Earth.

Moon Gem

First discovered on the moon, the Moon Gem or the Godstone was what turned John Jameson into the werewolf superhero called the Man-Wolf. He was later further transformed by its power to become the Star-God.

Helmet of Fate

The Helmet of Fate was made by the Lord of Order of the DC Universe. Nabu created the helmet with the sole purpose of giving its wearer total control over all forms of magic. It is an extremely powerful magical object that turned Kent Nelson into Doctor Fate. He assumed powers without the need of Amunet of Anubis and Cloak of Destiny. But due to lack of magical knowledge he ended up using the helmet for personal gains.

The Destroyer Armor

The Destroyer Armor is made of the same metal as Mjolnir. It is as strong as Thor’s hammer and contains a part of the essence of all the All-Fathers of Asgard. The Destroyer Armor has a corrupting effect on its wielder so only a being of immense willpower can wield it. Surely that won’t stop you from trying it on, would it? In the first Thor movie, the God of Mischief Loki sent ‘The Destroyer’ to kill his brother Thor after he was banished to Earth. But with his allies, Thor managed to win the fight and reclaimed his lost glory.

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