Marvel Hints at Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk Ever And We Are All Excited

Marvel Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk:

The Hulk may be the biggest, meanest and strongest brawn we know within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The guy is strong enough to lift a star. He picks up a building using nothing but his little finger. The Hulk is strong. Period! But is he the strongest of them all?!? Well, that is stretching it a bit too far. The Hulk is not the only gamma energy-powered superhero in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The Red Hulk, Sasquatch, Jailbait, Skaar, Doc Samson, and the Abomination are some of the heroes that also share similar powers. But there is one more guy who can play the Hulk-like piano. And for way too long had he been kept from us. Well not anymore!! He is about to make a glorious return to the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

Marvel Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for The Immortal Hulk #6. Enter at your own risk….

The Immortal Hulk has taken us to the depths of the mythos of the Hulk and his origin story. Long after Bruce Banner realized that the Hulk’s origin story has a lot of mysticism and dark arcana involved in it, the Hulk has gone through a quest of his own. The Immortal Hulk comic book series has introduced us to the Devil Hulk – who was originally Brian Banner, father of Bruce Banner, who was possessed by the entity known as the One Below All.

Marvel Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk

Together as the Devil Hulk the One Below All and Bruce Banner (the former’s new host) wish to destroy the world and create a dark utopia of their own from its ashes. And to do their bidding they have brought forward another gamma powered juggernaut who goes by the name of – the Green Scar.

Marvel Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk

When the Illuminati plotted to exile the Hulk from Earth and sent him to Sakaar, a planet ruled by the Red King, the Hulk scratched and gnawed his way out to defeat the tyrant of Sakaar, and went on to rule the planet as a just ruler. After the gamma bomb that was bound to his ship by the Illuminati exploded and killed his family, the hulk took his Warbound and came to Earth. His intention was simple – in order to ensure humanity does not destroy itself and causes it-self harm the way they did to the Hulk, he must conquer the planet as he did with Sakaar. The Hulk manifested a persona that went by the name of Green Scar. The Green Scar version of Hulk was violent and unstoppable. It was what finally led the Hulk to become his most powerful iteration ever – the World War Hulk version of the Hulk known as World-Breaker Hulk.

Marvel Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk

The Green Scar Hulk came into being when the Hulk was forced to adapt himself to the harsh and barren lands of Sakaar. The Green Scar Hulk has the sharp mind of the Grey Hulk and the infinite muscle strength and durability of the Savage Hulk. In World War Hulk, a version of Hulk pretty similar to the Green Scar Hulk took down the Avengers, the X-Men, the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four all by himself. It even stood toe to toe against a fight with the Sentry. The Green Scar Hulk is very, very scary.

The fact that Marvel Comics intends to turn Bruce Banner into the Green Scar Hulk is proof enough that the stage is about to be set on fire in the next issue of The Immortal Hulk.

Marvel Bringing Back Its Strongest Hulk

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