10 of The Most Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage – Ranked

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage:

There are a lot of enemies Spider-Man has faced over the years. The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Scorpion, Rhino – are just to name a few. But there is seldom a villain that Spider-Man has encountered that is as unpredictable and volatile as Carnage. Cletus Kasady was already a psychopathic serial killer when the Carnage symbiote got into his body and gave him incredible abilities. Many of them are so unique and distinct from both Spider-Man and Venom that they can be categorized as whole new superpowers that are only Carnage’s forte. Over the years, Kasady has built up quite the infamy with his continuous killings and massacres, being a thorn at Spider-Man’s time since time immemorial. In this list, we will explain why Carnage is so hard to contain.

 10. Enhanced Stamina and Endurance

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Both Spider-Man and Venom have durability and endurance that is of a superhuman level. Even their stamina is at par at most superheroes of Earth. They can go on and on without facing the issue of muscle fatigue. But Carnage is the boss of the two in this regard. His stamina levels are literally off the charts. Not even Spider-Man and Venom can keep up with Carnage even if they wanted to if Carnage decided to take the longer route to finish the fight. He could just tire Spider-Man and take him down when he stopped to catch a breath. Another fact is that Carnage is fuelled by the Host’s blood lust. The more in rage its host is, the more it can go on. Since Cletus is basically a psychopath with limitless blood lust, Carnage has infinite amounts of stamina.

 9. Size Manipulation

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Carnage possesses the ability to increase his body size and mass depending on the amount of biomass it is able to ingest. In one issue titled Carnage, U.S.A #1, Carnage managed to get into a small town in Colorado where he infiltrated a meat packaging center. There he ingested large amounts of meat and increased his body mass to the point that he could cover the entire town. And he did. Later on, Carnage managed to take over the town by increasing his size. Carnage later lost that ability after a special chemical vaccine prepared by Doctor Octopus took away that ability from him. Later, using the dark magic book Darkhold, carnage gained a weaker version of that same power.

 8. Thought Bombs

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

The carnage does not use those tendrils coming out of each nook and cranny of his body to destroy. Sometimes, he uses a softer approach to devastate his enemies. Those tendrils are directly connected to the Symbiote and the Host’s neural link. If that tendril gets into someone’s head, a direct psychic link between Carnage and the opponent could be easily established. But Carnage does not use it to exchange pleasant thoughts with others. The use of his ability is far more destructive. Carnage’s serial killer mindset can cook up some really nasty thoughts. These chaotic pictures are so disturbing that they could literally destabilize someone’s head permanently.

 7. Symbiote webbing

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Since the super villain’s skillset is basically equivalent to Spider-Man, Carnage possesses the power to create webbings. But unlike Spider-Man, his webbings are natural and come out of his body instead of a mechanical web shooter. And they are far more destructive than Spider-Man’s webbing. Spider-Man’s webs latch on to surfaces. But Carnage’s tendril-like webs that spring out of his body are so sticky they can rip out someone’s skin if used on a human body. They are also extremely durable and can double up as whips. The extra splash that Carnage’s webbing provides has proved to be quite a challenge for Spider-Man or Venom to counter. It may not sound much but Carnage’s webbings are an absolute advantage in a fight.

 6. Control over Technology

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

One of his very lesser-known abilities is the ability of techno-pathy or the power to control technology using his mind. Carnage has always been a hands-on guy, using his axes and swords that he creates out of his own suit to cut people in half. This ability of his came to light when Marvel Comics showed us a fight between the Iron Rangers and Carnage. Carnage used a detached piece of his own suit that he could remotely control to take over a piece of tech within the Iron Ranger’s suit of armor. Then he slowly infiltrated the entire suit and revealed that he can control technology if he wanted to.

 5. Shape-Shifting abilities

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

With total control over his body mass, Carnage can do some pretty cool stuff. One of his many abilities that derive out of his control over his body is the power to change color, shape, and size. That power allows him to shapeshift and camouflage, a huge asset in battle. Carnage generally uses this ability to take on more frightening versions of himself, using the classic red and black colors and adding customized touches to make him look even more terrifying. But this ability can also be used more subtly like changing the shape of his clothes to blend into a crowd in an urban landscape.

 4. Weapon formation

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

One of the fiercest abilities of Carnage and probably his most well-known one is – the power to create symbiote weaponry. He uses the suit to create weapons like axes, swords, spears, and knives that he uses in close-quarter fights. He can even use it to create projectile weapons. The projectiles last for roughly 30 seconds once detached and thrown out of his body at high velocities. Carnage is naturally agile and is a fairly good shot. The ability to create a countless number of projectiles is only going to make him an even deadlier force of nature.

 3. Total regeneration

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

And by Total regeneration, we mean Total regeneration. Some sources claim Carnage’s ability to heal himself is better than even healing factor heavy-weights like Wolverine and Deadpool. There have been times when entire limbs were severed out of Kasady’s body. There were times when Kasady was beheaded by Venom. But the Carnage Symbiote’s healing abilities brought Kasady back from the dead every time. The limitless energy of Carnage and the ability to recoup from literally any form of damage means that Carnage can never be stopped, no matter what you throw at him. Carnage’s healing factor also protects it from all known earthly diseases.

 2. Psychic Hive Mind

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Carnage has recently realized it possesses the ability to create cloned versions of itself using his regeneration powers. These clones are not independent entities. They are basically drones that are controlled by Carnage him-self. After Carnage returned to Cletus Kasady, the ability still remained functional but was not explored in detail until Carnage, U.S.A #1, where Carnage used the same power to take over an entire township and turn all the inhabitants of the area into Carnage drones controlled by him.

 1. 360 Degree Vision

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Better known as the Carnage Sense, it is a better version of Spider-Man’s most popular ability – the Spider-Sense. While Spider-Man’s ability is psychic in nature, Carnage’s ability is pure biology at work. Carnage’s suit is made out of billions of microscopic tendrils called Cilia. Each cilium is extremely sensitive and is basically a nerve ending. That allows Carnage to scan his surroundings no matter where his eyes are looking at. It also increases his reaction time by a large margin and makes ambushing him a very tedious and difficult process. He is also immune to Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense so he is double the threat to Peter Parker.

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

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