10 Marvel Comics Characters With The Most Sickening And Disgusting Powers Ever

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting Powers:

Generally, when we talk about superpowers, we envision a superhero flying in the air or lifting a tank. We seldom associate superhero powers with gnarly stuff like vomiting. We mean, who would even dare to come up with a superhero character that can, say peel of its own skin or regurgitate massive amounts of acidic puke? But trust us folks the comic books are a very strange place. They are filled with so many fictional monstrosities it will make your stomach churn like a cement roller. And Marvel Comics is a pioneer in making its own fans look the other way and throw up.

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 1. Deadpool

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting PowersIn one issue, Deadpool showed that he does not just have the super power of talking the shit out of everyone. In this particular issue, Deadpool decides to wreak absolute havoc on every known superhero in the world and so they decide to track him down to a far off location in space where Deadpool has already decided to make his last stand. The heroes outnumber Deadpool by a large margin. But Deadpool has just unlocked a hidden super power thanks to an alien super weapon that grants random super powers to any sentient organism. Deadpool’s powers allow him to make any one in his vicinity to puke uncontrollably. Thor, Daredevil and a host of other heroes lay down, puking and completely defence-less.

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 2. Venom

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting PowersYou may have already figured out where this is going. Venom is a powerful superhero and thanks to the symbiote bonded to Eddie Brock, he has all the powers of Spider-Man as well as his own set of unique abilities. But ever thought about the goo like tendrils that sprout out of Venom’s bodies? It is one thing to shoot out biodegradable spider silk from web-shooters it is a completely different thing to replace that with the fluids coming out of an alien organism. Venom has used this ability to great effect and it is very versatile. But if you think about it closely, the alien tendrils are just an extension of alien goo that only God knows where it has been before.

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 3. Starfox

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting Powers

Although it is not as visually disgusting as it may sound, Starfox’s ability to induce emotions using pheromone secretion is a very ghastly method of manipulating people. He can eject pheromones out of his body that can make any man or woman be attracted to him and do as he pleases. And this ability is the reason Starfox, the brother of Thanos, once got into legal trouble after all the previous victims of his powers claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Starfox who used his ability to manipulate their emotions to seduce them. Starfox has tried to use this ability on the Hulk once but it did not go as planned. Pheromone secretion might sound like a dream come true super power for many people but it is the bane of all women around the world. No woman should be subject to such measures where she has to act against her own will.

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 4. Anarchist

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting PowersWhen you jog too much, you feel like your arm-pits are burning. In case of Anarchist, that is literally the case. A member of X-Statix, the mutant superhero called Anarchist has a unique ability – his body secretes acid instead of normal sweat. While that may not sound as bad, the fact that Anarchist uses this ability offensively really is. Imagine – you are a bad guy and suddenly a guy starts throwing his own sweat at you – how disgusting would that be. The guy also has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Anarchist can turn his own sweat into a form of energy blast. But that is a different story altogether.

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 5. Tar Baby

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting PowersThere is a lot of sweat based powers on this list and for obvious reasons. Tar Baby was part of the Morlocks, an underground team of mutants that had shunned themselves from society and lived underneath the surface civilization. Tar Baby was part of the Drain Dwellers group within the Morlocks and we are not being too mean here, the reason was kind of justifiable. Tar Baby’s ability was secreting a sticky tar-like substance out of his body that could make literally anything stick to his body. The Tar Glue was extremely potent and was strong enough to survive super strength. After Tar Baby survived the Mutant Massacre, he was sent to live with X-Factor but was soon eliminated by the Weapon X program when he got in his way.

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 6. Maggot

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting Powers

How would you react if we say that there are literally two alien looking bugs living inside you? What would you say that the condition is permanent and killing those two bugs will result in your death so you have to live with them wriggling inside your body forever? That is the fate of Maggot. The name itself is detestable. Maggot’s ability is even more. The guy does not have a digesting system. Instead, he has a sentient duo of slugs that live inside him and digest stuff for him. Maggot once went nearly mad as the slugs had to come out and burrow into his body five times every day. The sentient slugs can devour literally anything they come into contact with.

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 7. Worm

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting Powers

If you thought sweat was bad, we give you a guy that uses his own mucus to subdue enemies. Worm is a survivor in the Savage Land and is a human mutate. When the X-Men first come into contact with Worm, they encounter a lizard like human being that has huge pores on the palm of his hands. These pores secrete mucus like fluid that he uses to cover his enemies entirely. Once he does that, he can control the person and make his do his bidding. For his mind control function to happen properly, Worm must ensure the target is covered in his mucus all the time. Yuck!!

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 8. Zeitgeist

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting Powers

We encountered this guy in a live action movie. Zeitgeist is the guy who was the part of Deadpool’s mutant extraction team in Deadpool 2. Remember the guy with his face covered? Yeah that’s him. Zeitgeist’s power is vomiting acid out of his mouth. That’s it. He has no other special power except throw up corrosive fluid. It is like the creators were running out of bodily fluids to make superpowers out of. Zeitgeist once tried to make out with a woman and the result was he accidentally acid-vomited on her, dissolving her face and internal organs.

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 9. Humbug

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting Powers

Buchanan Mitty was a brilliant student who was studying entomology – the science of insects, in the Empire State University., His love for bugs was so strong that he was puzzled why the rest of the folks did not respect insects the way he did. To make people respect these gnarly creatures. Humbug decided to go the evil route and created a suit of armour that also allowed him to communicate with and control any bug using a special sonic trigger mechanism. The suit also gave him superhuman strength, speed and durability but the ickiest part was him controlling all the bugs in the area and make them do what he wants.  That is just nasty. Thank goodness he was killed by the Brood before he could do too much damage to our fragile psyches.

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 10. Marrow

Marvel Comics Characters With Disgusting PowersPart of the Morlock Crew, Marrow was one of their heavy hitters. After the Marauders killed off most of the Morlocks, Marrow went into terminator mode. Marrow’s true extent of abilities is later known when he unleashes her wrath on her enemies. Marrow’s power is also very disgusting to look at, even if it is extremely effective at first glance. Marrow can grow bone extensions out of her own skeleton. These skeletal protrusions can double up as defensive weapons as well as offensive weapons. The fact that someone else’s bone that just grew out of her skin is used to pierce another human being is enough to give us septic fears and send chills down the spine.

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