DC Comics Update: Batman Is Not Damian Wayne’s Father. It’s [SPOILER]!!!

Damian Wayne, the young brat from the League of Assassins who has now become an integral part of the Bat Family. Damian is always angry, brooding (like Batman) and overly suspicious of anything and everything. Damian, the son of Talia al Ghul, was thought to be Batman’s biological son. Turns out, it is no longer the case. Recent development has shown light on the fact that Bruce Wayne may not be Damian Wayne’s father at all. It’s another DC anti-hero that ate that piece of the pie.

Spoiler Alert: The Following paragraphs contain major spoilers for Deathstroke #30. Enter at your own risk….

Its Deathstroke, DC’s premier anti-hero. Recent DC Comics development led us to an interesting turn of events. A Paternity test might have revealed that the one-eyed assassin for hire could have been the real biological father of Damian Wayne, not Batman. This surprising revelation leads Bruce Wayne to go on a worldwide hunt for Deathstroke. He needs answers which only Deathstroke has. The six-part comic book arc is titled ‘Batman vs. Deathstroke’.

Christopher Priest is penning the story for the Deathstroke series. But the twists for the arc do not end there. There will be a lot more from where that came from. The fact that Bruce Wayne was fooled into believing that Damian could be his son, the World’s greatest detective did not even get answers from a Paternity Test of his own speaks volumes about the intricacy of this plan. But the even glaring question is, who was the mystery figure that made Bruce Wayne realize the truth about Damian??

The Batman vs. Deathstroke arc begins with a gritty, dark and detective tone like the Batman comics are usually accredited with. A bank robbery takes place. An envelope is left behind for the authorities to find. The envelope contains two names and their genetic profile and the Damian Wayne’s Photo and Bio being a perfect match of the two. This sends Bruce Wayne on a wild goose chase. The bait has been placed and Batman has chewed in. Deathstroke and Batman soon find themselves locking horns with each other.

The fight between Deathstroke and Batman takes to the blue skies and the deep seas. Then Deathstroke asks Batman to let it go. He contemplates that this is a trap set by someone to make the two tackle each other to death. Deathstroke got a similar envelope.

Batman just wants to know who initiated this nefarious plan to pit the World’s greatest detective and the world’s deadliest mercenary against each other. Batman has a different style and approach to solving a problem. Bruce Wayne, along with Deathstroke, aims to find a motif or purpose behind it all. The writer explains to EW:

As I see the characters (after all, every writer or fan will have his or her own view), they are more or less mirror images… Deathstroke is more or less a dark mirror of Batman (complete with his own British sidekick). Deathstroke is what Bruce Wayne could become absent his disciplined convictions… Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, represents the person Slade Wilson could have become had he not lacked the strength of character to stay on the right path.

Deathstroke also has some members within his own ranks with roles strikingly similar to Batman’s. Deathstroke’s Wintergreen is what Alfred is to Bruce Wayne. Joseph Wilson is both a son and Pupil to Deathstroke like Dick Grayson is to Batman. And all of them just sat in for a friendly chat over drinks. Damian Wayne’s parentage is still the crux of the story though.

Batman wants to go with the flow and play the game to see what’s going on. Deathstroke thinks that not paying heed is the only way to stop whoever is trying to pull their strings. Bruce Wayne has even vowed to stop Deathstroke from completing his contracts before the ‘Damian Wayne’ has been put to rest. Deathstroke has grudgingly complied. There are 5 more issues on Deathstroke vs. Batman. The next issues in line will probably garner even more controversy due to the fact that the writers put a question mark on Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, himself. Brace yourselves!!!

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