Marvel: Thor Gets A New Powerful Upgrade After Merging With The Destroyer

Trapped in a hidden dimension after switching places with his old alter-ego Donald Blake – who has gone mad after being trapped himself for so long – the God of Thunder needs to get creative in order to free himself before his old ally caused irreparable harm. This leads Thor to choose the Destroyer as his soul’s new vessel. The Destroyer is one of the oldest characters in Thor’s adventures, as the enchanted suit of armor first debuted in Journey Into Mystery #118 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1965. Forged by Odin in an effort to fight Celestials, the Destroyer has often been used by Loki and other nefarious sources in order to stop Thor. The suit of armor was a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 2011 Thor film. With incredible strength, powerful energy blasts, flight, and near-invulnerability, the Destroyer has proven to be one of Marvel’s strongest weapons.

Now, Thor is taking the armor into his own hands. In Thor #13 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson, Jane Foster summons Odin (who’s seen better days) in order to stop Donald Blake from ripping apart the World Tree in order to gain the All-Power. As they plan their attack, Thor tries to free himself from being trapped in Blake’s dimension.

Thor Powerful Upgrade After Merging With The Destroyer

After delivering a powerful Thor-force blast that alerts ravens of his location, Thor comes up with a plan to remove his spirit so he can join a new vessel – the Destroyer. Thor makes sure to give Blake a mammoth punch that knocks him hard into the ground. Blake is shocked to see Thor use the Destroyer as his own personal vessel. With his ravens on his shoulders and one of his runes painted with the blood of the World Tree, Thor means business.

Thor Powerful Upgrade After Merging With The Destroyer

While Thor’s body might be trapped, taking over the Destroyer gives him a great fighting chance against Blake with the armor’s incredible power. This isn’t the first time that Thor turned to the Destroyer for help. After losing his arm in War of the Realms, Thor replaced it with the Destroyer’s, which helped him defeat Malekith and the Dark Elves. In this case, Thor’s soul is what’s controlling the Destroyer, as he’s used to his old trick with Donald Blake to fight his former alter-ego. Thor is, in fact, an intelligent fighter.

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