Thor To Use A Mysterious Powerful Weapon in Avengers Infinity War And It’s Not MJOLNIR

The release of the production launch trailer for Avengers Infinity War was exciting for many reasons. The film which is said to be the biggest superhero film to ever be made with a total of 66 Marvel heroes to be featured has only begun its yearlong production but has not left fans in the dark. The trailer gave a small glimpse of what was to come, with a few surprises thrown in.

Thor Uses A New Weapon That’s Not Mjolnir  In Avengers Infinity War And Its STUNNING

One of the clips in the trailer showed the concept art of Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon fighting side by side. On closer inspection, the art showcased a different form of weapon used by Thor. The Asgardian has been known to wield only one weapon throughout his time in Marvel Cinematic Universe and that weapon is Mjolnir, a weapon that chooses its user on the basis of their worthiness. Thor uses an axe in the concept art which brings the question of why the sudden change for such a huge event.

In the comic book event The Original Sin, The Unseen told Thor as a secret that makes him lose his ability to wield Mjolnir. He uses a different weapon, an axe called Jarnbjorn as well as a new name, calling himself Odison by then.Thor also lost an arm and has to wear a prosthetic arm to Malekith. The use of the axe will be a consequence of what happens in Thor Ragnarok which seems to be a difficult one for the hero. Thanks to the new details about Ragnarok, we know that Thor lost his trusty Hammer in Battle world.It is doubtful that he would lose a limb as in the comics.

What is clear is that Jarnbjorn is like no other battle axe. Wielded by dwarves, the axe is sharper than any weapon on Earth and can be used to defend against any attack.Thor, in the comics, used it to pierce the armor of Celestials or any Celestial wielded creations.

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