10 Amazing Facts About Captain Universe – Holder of The Power of The Marvel Universe

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe:

When we say – Captain Universe, even many ardent comic book fans would have a hard time knowing who we mean. But as long as super human heroes are taken into consideration, Captain Universe will almost always end up at the top of the Pyramid. The guy has been around in Marvel Comics a long time since, first debuting in 1979 in an obscure Marvel Comics issue. When Captain Universe was created, the Creators intended to use him in combination with other superheroes to create a mantle of sorts. While he may have been bonded with a lot of superheroes, he is still a very secretive and enigmatic figure in the Marvel Universe. With the comic Books finally bringing Captain Universe into the limelight, it is time we find you just who or what Captain Universe is really about.

 1. It draws energy from the Uni-Power

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

A long while ago, Prince Wayfinder and his people fought tooth and nail against the whirl-demons, a group of extra-terrestrial demonic entities that intended to destroy humanity. Wayfinder, using his mythical Sword in the Star weapon, tore apart the space-time continuum and created a one dimensional portal to the Micro-Verse. In the Micro-Verse, the demons were bounded and banished to while also acting as a safe haven for Wayfinder’s people. The Sword would later merge with Wayfinder and create the powerful Enigma Force. At times of distress, when the universe truly needs a saviour, the Enigma Force would generate the Uni-Power – a sentient energy source that merges with a being to create Captain Universe.

 2. It amplifies its hosts’ existing super powers

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

The thing about Captain Universe’s Uni Power is that it not only gives its host a unique set of abilities but also enhances there already existing powers. The Uni-Power has merged with the Hulk, Spider-Man and Captain America among a host of other superheroes. Each superhero it has merged with has had their super powers enhanced to cosmic levels. Spider-Man aka Miles Morales was once host to the Uni-Power. After becoming Captain Universe, he defeated the Hulk like it was a piece of cake for him. The Uni-Power holds the power to enhance the abilities of any being provided the said being is a native of that Universe.

3. More than 30 Captain Universes already exist

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

That’s right. We said 30!! Like mentioned above, the Uni-Power can give the mantle of Captain Universe to whomever it deems fit. And it also takes it away once the purpose for which the power was given is fulfilled. At some point of time, an individual who could use the power to save lives or do the right thing will be given the Uni-Power.

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, X-23 and a host of other people that also include college and school going students as well as policemen have been ordained with the Uni-Power and have become Captain Universe.

 4. It is highly sought after

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

The Enigma Force’s Uni-Power is not just a toy. It has the ability to break the fabric of reality if need be. And this is why many alien races have tried to get their hands on the power of the Captain Universe. The Whirl-Demons have tried and failed. The Shi’ar Empire, ruled by Vulcan, have tried and tried again but never got close enough to steal the Uni-Power. The energy source is so potent that several civilizations, including Humanity, have tried to set up research facilities to study the Uni-Power and lure it into a trap. The latest to do so were the Krosakis, a race of alien beings that literally fed on cosmic energy. Their plan was to make one of the Shi’ar’s Imperial Guard – Gladiator, merge with the Uni-Power so that they could feed off on its limitless energy.

 5. It has amnesia

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

For an energy source that is supposed to turn you into a God, the Uni-Power actually has a lot of flaws, chief amongst them being the tendency to lose memories and forgetting critical information. Captain Universe has the memories of the host as well as the collective memories of all the previous hosts as well as the Uni-Power’s own memories jammed up into one being. So sometimes there are bound to be blurry lines. Captain Universe once sought the help of Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four to recreate those memories but it was a failed experiment. The memories were restored only after Silver Surfer shared a portion of his Power Cosmic with Captain Universe.

6. Most of its super powers are still unknown

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

If someone is possessed by the Uni-power, there are set level of powers that each host gets. It includes flight, superhuman strength and speed, the ability to stay unaided in space and live without food and air, as well as the ability to bend time and space. But the fact is – that is just the powers we have seen till now. The Uni-Power keeps giving its hosts new powers every time it chooses a new host. So each new Host will have a distinct ability not found in his or her predecessor. There is more than enough reason to claim that the quantum of abilities the Uni-Power gifts it hosts is limitless and never ending.

 7. Mystery is its middle name

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

The very purpose of the creation of the Uni-Power and the mantle of Captain Universe was to ensure the Universe will have a guardian in its time of greatest peril. But since its creation, the Uni-Power’s actions have been very erratic and unpredictable. The Uni-Power ha sometimes answered the universe’s call when it needs it but most of the times, right when the entire cosmos is at the brink of extinction, Captain Universe has failed to show up. No one actually knows what allegiance Captain Universe has. Marvel heavyweights like Reed Richards and Tony Stark have even questioned why Captain Universe even exists, only to be given vague and careless replies by the holder of the Uni-Power.

 8. Can never tell Good from Bad

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

Since Captain Universe represents the combined power of the entire Universe, containing billions of species it cannot choose sides and show favoritism. The Uni-Power sees every one as equals and will grant its power to any species it deems fit. To that end, even super villains and nefarious entities are not exempt from being a potential candidate for becoming Captain Universe. The Uni-Power never discriminates because the Good is as necessary to the Universe as bad. Anyone can become Captain Universe.

 9. The most Powerful Avenger to have ever lived

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

Captain Universe has even been a part of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In Avengers 2013, Tamara Devoux became the Captain Universe and joined the Avengers. She was later involved in helping the Avengers fight Ex Nihilo, Aleph and Abyss, who wanted to wreak devastating chaos all over the planet. Captain Universe reasoned with the three and brought them to their knees using nothing but sound logic. While Aleph was vaporized by Captain Universe, the other two surrendered. Tamara would later go on many more adventures as Captain Universe until the Uni-Power left her body some time later.

 10. Once hose a dog as host

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

In a certain What If story arc, the Uni-Power chose a mutt as its host. That’s right. Like we said, any sentient being will do. So Earth-91110 was the place where the Uni-Power found its next host. It was a dog named Casey Herdling. The dog was called Captain Uni-Mutt. The what-if story line we are talking about is What If Volume 2 #31! The issue was published way back in the year of 1991 but it is a very famous issue and is still talked about even today. The Uni-Power choosing a dog as a host does not make any sense but since it is the comic books, where anything can happen, it makes all the more sense. The story line was a small one but it helped us know how crazy the Uni-Power could get if it wanted to.

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