5 Psychic Characters From Marvel That Must Be Brought Into The MCU

Doctor Strange received positive reviews both from the critics and normal viewers. Doctor Strange was the turning point in the MCU as it introduced alternate dimensions and magic to the equation. That means, from now on, the Earth’s biggest superheroes should compete with the powers and threats that cannot be explained by pure science. According to the overall responses and reviews, Marvel fans are completely satisfied with the way in which Doctor Strange was introduced to the MCU. Now let’s have a look at 5 supernatural marvel characters who should be introduced after Doctor Strange.

Brother Voodoo


Brother Voodoo possesses a number of mystical, magical powers and abilities and he got these powers and abilities from Loa (Spirit-Gods of Voodoo). He can walk through fire as his body is resistant to heat and fire. He also uses hypnotism to mystically command certain living things. He can mystically create smoke (accompanied by drum sounds) so that no can identify his presence, but he could see everything through it.



Doctor Strange movie clearly indicates the very existence of The Dark Dimension and Dormammu and therefore the introduction of Clea would happen anytime in the future as she is the niece of Dormammu. She is a sorceress and possesses a lot of power. Her powers include teleporting, conjuring other objects, manipulating and controlling the mind of others, and much more. She usually assists Doctor Strange and helps him in the battle against Dormammu, her uncle.

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