5 Spider-Man Avatars Who Deserve To Be Considered For Big Screen Debut

Since Spider-Man is developing a presence in the MCU, Sony’s new Spider-verse needs a new main character who will showcase a new reign in Spider-Man movies. Here are the five potential suspects for Sony:


Spider-Woman is a much cooler version of the popular Spider-Man. Not only was she a trained assassin for Hydra, she was also a double agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. Her origin story about the reason why she was injected with a spider serum is also a very interesting take on why the character of Jessica Drew evolved into a superhero named Spider-Woman. There have already been rumors that she is the one to beat in Sony’s Spider-Verse which, coincidentally will not feature the current Spider-Man. And who needs him with such an awesome character.

Miles Morales:

Miles Morales has built a cult following amongst Spider-Man fans through the years.Like Spider-Man, Morales was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him pretty much the same powers as Peter and some extra ones as well- invisibility-like camouflage, venom blasts similar to Spider-Woman and his patented finishing maneuver: a spider sting. After the death of the first Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Morales reluctantly took on the moniker and has been unstoppable ever since. Donald Glover was reportedly very interested in the part but the character has yet to find a place on the silver screen. So why not now?


The death of Peter Parker’s one true love Gwen Stacy was one that fans have yet to truly get over. The hero himself has been suffering the aftermath of his loss, even decades later. So when Marvel introduced Spider-Gwen, the character immediately became a hit.In an alternate world, Gwen is bitten by a radioactive spider and acquires a whole lot of powers.But unlike Peter Parker, the always intelligent Stacy tends to have a firm grip in analyzing the people she was against. With a cool costume (provided by Janet Van Dyne), Spider-Gwen has fast become a popular character who deserves to be in a movie.

Scarlet Spider:

The Scarlet Spider aka Kaine is the clone of Peter Parker. But unlike Peter’s peppy personality, Scarlet Spider has a darker view of the role of superhero. He also battles darker types of villains that are not just other characters in costumes.He has no qualms killing, especially when his enemies are his target. And who are these enemies? Human traffickers. Having Scarlet Spider on screen may just be what Sony needs, after all, Venom is still a villain even if it’s his movie.



Eddie Brock first got his introduction as the arch enemy of Peter Parker as a reporter in the Daily Bugle. After getting infected by the alien symbiote, he transforms into Venom. A character who has made an impressive case for an anti-hero. Sony has already booked the character for its first dip into the Spider-verse.The interesting about Venom is that the symbiote absorbed powers.So he is a stronger and faster version of Spider-Man.

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