Why Doctor Strange 2 Had To Break Strange and Christine Apart

Doctor Strange 2 had to break Strange and Christine apart to advance the story. It was necessary to remove the Doctor and bring a sorceress into the life of Steven Strange. Only a sorceress could aid Steven with the looming threat of an incursion and provide him the comfort he so desperately needs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe just expanded the scope of its multiverse even further by the introduction of another universe that had defeated Thanos without the need of the snap. Steven Strange was convinced that giving away the time stone was the only way by which he would be able to resurrect everyone. He needed Iron Man to stay alive until the end so that he could make the sacrifice play and defeat Thanos once and for all.

We won’t call it an easy choice, but Multiverse of Madness confirmed that this was not the only way. The movie also establishes a new looming threat in the cosmos, the threat of an incursion. Incursion is the clash of two universes. It occurs when someone Dreamwalks or otherwise enters a different universe and remains there for a prolonged time. This attracts the attention of the native universe and both of these universes clash with each other, ending trillions of lives in an instant. It is not a very pretty thing to imagine. Doctor Strange knows what he has done and that he must fix it. The appearance of Clea at the end of the movie is an indication of how pressing this concern really is.


Doctor Strange 2 Had To Break Strange And Christine Apart

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

Ever since the release of the Strange Surpeme episode of What If…?, fans were convinced that Christine Palmer would reside at the center of Multiverse of Madness. We hadn’t explored the love life of this couple since the first Strange movie and many fans expected that there was going to be a proper resolution to their love story. MCU fans expected to see a happy ending for Christine and Steven but comic fans knew better. You see, it was impossible for Steven to end up with Christine because she is never the person he ends up with.


Doctor Strange 2 is Casting New Sorceress

Clea is the closest thing Steven has to a consort. This dark sorceress is the child of Dormammu’s sister and the Prince of the Dark Dimension, who is a Dormammu worshiper. The birth of this child was hard on her mother, who abandoned the daughter, lost to Dormammu, and was banished to another dimension. All of this to say that, Doctor Strange 2 had to break Strange and Christine apart to make way for Clea and Steven’s story. You see, these two are lovers beyond the boundary of their own dimensions, and Clea and her dark magic have the capability to stop incursions.


Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

She may not know it but the Faltine has a secret technique to conquer and add dimensions to their own. This is what Dormammu was trying to do the first time he invaded the Earth back in Doctor Strange. If Strange can use this spell to drive away from the incoming dimension then he can stop the incursion. But to do this he must traverse the Dark Dimension with Clea and enlist help from his worse enemy. Moreover, the writers would want to explore a romantic angle between Clea and Strange.


The Future

Doctor Strange 2 had to break Strange and Christine apart

They would never be able to do that if there was even a hint of Christine and Strange ending up together. This is why Doctor Strange 2 breaks Christine and Strange apart at the start with the wedding of Christine Palmer. The aim was to make sure that Strange moves past the thought of him and Christine ending up together. A thought that is reinforced when the Earth-838 Christine echoes Strange’s concern and tells him that she needs to go back to his own reality where people need her.


This is the life of Strange, even in the comics. He never finds rest, respite, or happiness. The job of sorcerer supreme is one without rest and recuperation. He must tirelessly work to achieve some kind of stability in his universe and the multiverse around him.

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