The 5 Strongest And 5 Weakest Members of Suicide Squad: Ranked

The Suicide Squad has existed since forever in DC Comics. Codenamed Task Force X, it consists of former villains serving life sentences or the death penalty that is given a way out if they serve American interests on international black ops missions. Since the team has had a rotating membership, there have been a lot of villains that have been a member. But we handpicked the one that is actually strong enough and weak enough to make the cut.

Weakest: Slipknot

One of the least experienced men on the Suicide Squad when it comes to facing combat firsthand, Slipknot most certainly was going to be the weakest addition to the team. His abilities make him an able soldier when it comes to heists or breaking into a facility. He is not a fighter. It almost sounds like Waller wanted Slipknot to die to set an example for keeping the others in line.

Strongest: Deadshot

Suicide Squad’s unofficial leader, Deadshot is an excellent close combat fighter (he has fought Batman to a standstill) and is highly proficient with firearms. He can shoot a guy on the head from miles away with pinpoint accuracy while eating a donut with the other hand. With a deep distrust for Waller, he is ruthless and will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Weakest: The Penguin

Was it that much of a surprise to see this guy on this list? I mean he sure is one of the most popular Batman villains but he is nothing more than n overweight super crime Lord. The most he can contribute to the team is via his resources and underworld connections. Trick Umbrellas and his henchmen aside, the Penguin is useless in battle.

Strongest: Deathstroke

Deathstroke is one of the deadliest fighters in the DC Universe. His reflexes are honed to be ten times more efficient than a normal human beings. He has been said to be capable of using 90 percent of his brain capacity (an average guy only uses about ten percent). His close combat skills, proficiency with firearms and explosives and general ruthlessness had allowed him to go toe to toe with Superman.

Weakest: Weasel

Originally a college professor who lost his cool, Weasel is a metahuman with the powers of his namesake and a characteristic animalistic bloodthirstiness. He becomes another worthless casualty when Rick Flag is mind controlled by the Thinker into murdering him in cold blood. No one mourns his loss.

Strongest: Poison Ivy

As one of the champions of the Green – the mystical energy that connects and controls all plant life on Earth, Poison Ivy is one of the greatest threats to both Batman and Superman. Her chlorokinetic powers and her knowledge of poisons and hallucinogens have made her into a force to be reckoned with. When the God of the Green, Swamp Thing, respects you, you have to give credit.

Weakest: Captain Boomerang

The best he can do is throw boomerangs at his opponents like a freaking child. That does not make him a worthy fighter. It just makes him look like a sad excuse for a villain. Captain Boomerang has been one of the most longstanding members of the Suicide Squad and Deadshot’s fiercest rival. We still do not know how.

Strongest: El Diablo

El Diablo was a former Hispanic gang member with the power to control fire. His pyrokinetic abilities have been used to the full effect in the movie, when he turned into a demonic entity to take on Incubus – another demon from a different dimension. In the comics, he has even used his powers to transport himself to hell and back.

Weakest: Clock King

Apart from his impeccable sense of time and intelligence, Clock King is absolutely horrendous when it comes to fighting opponents head on, which is basically everything Suicide Squad does most of the time. You may have the power of Punctuality but if a guy has the power to punch you to Kingdom come, you will definitely end up dead.

Strongest: Black Adam

Suicide Squad

The ruler of Khandaq and the champion of the Wizard Shazam before the time of Captain Marvel, Black Adam can literally tap into the power of the Gods. Using his incredible superhuman physical attributes, he has defeated powerful foes like the Superman and Green Lantern. Black Adam’s stint with the Suicide Squad had always been brief but the times he did become a member, he wrecked absolute havoc on his opponents.

Honorable mentions: Killer Frost

Suicide Squad

Although she may have become a good guy in the Arrowverse, Killer Frost is one of the most powerful metahumans on the face of the earth. She has and always will be a prominent member of the Suicide Squad. She is worthy not because she is powerful. It is her general ruthlessness and her ability to do the dirty work without even batting an eye that makes her such a powerful member of the Task Force X.

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