8 Most Powerful Women In The DC Comic Universe

As a comic book fan, we can say that this is the golden age for any comic book fans. As there are lots of comic book character making their appearance on big screen. This year Dc is all set to release its first big budget female lead superhero movie, based on one of the most iconic characters in comic books. DC’s long-time roster of strong women is still the most impressive. Here is a list such strong and powerful female character from Dc.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most powerful female character in dc comics. Being the daughter of the god of thunder and one of three main founding members of JL, she is the first female character in the comic universe. She is serving as a symbol of courage and power for all the women’s in the world for a long time.


Supergirl is the cousin of Superman. As she belongs to Krypton, like Superman, she also has powers same as that of him but her power levels are considered more than that of him. Kara Zor-El has superhuman strength, speed, heat vision, freeze breath and heightened senses. Along with the power of flight. She is more dangerous than Superman because she is still learning about her powers.


Mera first appeared in 1963 in “Aquaman” #1. She rules seven seas alongside Aquaman, as Queen of Seven Seas. She has powers as same as Aquaman, to bend the water and creatures living inside water to her will. She is also trained in combat so she is a total warrior.


Huntress is the most Badass character in whole bat family as she is trained so vigorously, that she is willing to become the next Batman. She is immune to many poisons and famous for his archery. She can actually use batrang better than Batman and can drive bike more bitterly than any other character in any comic universe.


Vixen possesses the powers of the whole animal kingdom. She can harness the ability of any animal she can think of like the strength of a lion, the speed of a cheetah. She can even fight underwater as she can sprout the gills in seconds. She punishes those who harms Mother Nature. She has defeated Gorilla Grodd alongside Flash.


Hawkgirl was created by Gardner Fox, Dennis Neville, and Sheldon Moldoff, first appearing in Flash Comics #1. (1940). Hawkgirl and Hawkman both because of an effect of nth metal possess the power of Reincarnation, they ones killed can reincarnate their selves. She wields a mace and uses Nth Metal technology to fly.


Zatanna is easily the most powerful mystic in the entire DC Universe. She is truly the most powerful magician in Dc universe. She can manipulate elements of earth and people easily with magic. She kept her magical powers in control, though if her full powers are unleashed she will become the most dangerous and powerful being on this earth.


Raven is the daughter of human Angella Rothe and Demon Emperor Trigon. Raven can read minds and communicate with others with emotions, receiving them from others, perceiving what others think while they feel,  she can teleport, and send out her Soul-Self, which can fight physically. She can manipulate objects and people with telekinesis. Her soul-self can act as well as act as her eyes and ears away from her body.

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