Deadpool 2 Trailer Coming With Black Panther

Ever since Ryan Reynolds’ redemption in the superhero genre (after the blunder that was the original Green Lantern) as the Merc with a mouth on 2016’s Valentine’s Day weekend, fans have had nothing but praise for the perfect onscreen adaptation of Deadpool.

From the ill-mannered euphemisms to the heart throbbing action sequences (based off off the I’ll mannered humor) the first Deadpool movie had it all. And most of all, it had the poise needed to communicate the fun of the character of Deadpool to audiences.

The first movie saw Wade Wilson( yes, Marvel created the character by badly ripping of Deathstroke from DC and there was this whole crossover where the mercenaries are proved to be brothers and Deadpool and Deathstroke fight for family inheritance) fight Ajax to save Vannessa, the supposed love of his life. The movie was even marketed as a romantic comedy, maybe just to mess with the masses not aware of the realities of Deadpool. Although you’d have to live under a rock to not know of the leaked screen test that started the entire production in the first place.

Regardless, it seems that the studio is hell-bent on carrying on this trope as Collider reports that the first major and official trailer of Deadpool 2 will drop to the masses along with the release of Black Panther.

The Breakdown

But why would a Fox movie trailer be a part of a marvel release you ask? But isn’t the trailer coming on Valentine’s day anyway, you ask? Let me answer all your questions. You see, Disney is currently in the process of taking over fox and they have acquired most of Fox assets along with the major IP(s) leased to Fox by Marvel. This dictates that Disney will make every effort necessary to get traction on Fox superhero releases, not just limiting the marketing strategy to owned assets but also boosting possible future revenue.

What this means for fans (aside from the fact that the long-lost marvel characters such as Deadpool and X-Men will surely be joining the Marvell Cinematic Universe) is that they can hope to see much more interloped marketing and many more teasers for oncoming Fox projects, including but not limited to, DARK Pheonix and Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 has no official title as of now and the fans know even less about the movie’s possible plot. All we know is that the sequel will feature the time-traveling mutant cable ( a long-standing and recurring character in the Deadpool comics along with Colossus and Ajax) and a mutant with fire based power (judging from the last month teaser trailer).

We don’t even have a working title for the sequel. Deadpool 2 is set to be released later this year after Infinity war. The timing of the movie is again set to a pace so the market can be banked on after fans have just received a big cliffhanger from the MCU. The entire movie seems like a useless trope but read on if you wish to have your minds blown

We know, that Deadpool is currently the only character in the on screen comicverses that is capable of breaking the fourth wall. That has been the characters longest running tropes. We have already seen Fox employ this in numerous marketing campaigns. Then why would they shy away from using this trope in a trailer , nonetheless one that is being aired with a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

The mere fact that the trailer is being aired or rather marketed with the release of Black Panther tells us that the marketing strategy of the studios is to use Deadpool to explain to the audience the overlaying story arc using continuous fourth wall breaks.


This may mean that with cable in the mix Deadpool 2 will not only feature time travel but will also employ the fourth wall breaks to comment on its naivety. Black Panther hits theatres on Valentine’s Day weekend and I for one have one more reason to go watch it before anyone else. Ahh, Deadpool and the Marvel heroes on the silver screen together, a dream come true or awaking nightmare? Find out in Black Panther.

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