Why Wanda Destroyed All Darkhold Copies

Multiverse of Madness is a crazy ride through the fun town of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We feel that Marvel had good intentions when they came up with making a horror movie out of Doctor Strange 2 but it was a big mistake not to run with that idea. They should have not tried to make this into a Doctor Strange film. Instead, it could have been a self-contained film about Wanda’s rampage. Her slow descent into insanity would have been more interesting to watch than this hastily assembled hotchpotch of footage. Yet what we received was a Doctor Strange fakeout where Wanda destroyed all Darkhold copies at the end of the movie.

Wanda seemingly changed her mind about her rampage at the last second in Multiverse of Madness after she saw the universe 838 version of her children being afraid of her. At this point, she decided to stop her madness and destroy all the Darkhold copies in the multiverse and the Wundagore mountain herself. The Scarlet Witch apparently buried herself under the rubble of the mountain in shame and rage when she realized that she was the monster her children were afraid of. That is what is shown to us in the movie but it is yet unclear whether Wanda actually perished or not after the events of Multiverse of Madness. The fandom is two minds about it. Some think that the Scarlet Witch is no more, others believe that she will return for a redemption arc in the MCU.


Wanda Destroyed All Darkhold Copies In The Multiverse

But some fans believe that Wanda will have no redemption arc. There is a very small fraction in the fandom that believes that Wanda’s villain arc has only just begun. Redditor u/rodnester posted this theory on r/MarvelTheories. Take a look:-

Why did Wanda destroy all copies of the darkhold and Wundagore Mountain?

At the end of MoM, we see that Wanda realizes that Billy and Tommy (838) would never accept her as their mother. It appears that she has a moment of clarity and proceeds to destroy all the copies of the Darkhold and all the Mountain peeks throughout all the universes. But I speculate that this is not the case. I believe that Wanda is still “evil” and that she destroyed all the copies because that would make her the one and only Scarlett Witch across all the universes that could ever be and no one could oppose her on her next attempt to reclaim her children.


Wanda destroyed all Darkhold copies

We think there is a lot of merit in this theory of the Reddit user, especially because it does not seem that the change of heart that Wanda has is that significant. Moreover, it is possible that the destruction of the Wundagore mountain was purposeful, not for Wanda to punish herself but for her to free Chthon. You see, the comic fans know that Mount Wundagore is the prison of the Elder God Chthon who is the source of chaos magic. This Elder God was name-dropped in Multiverse of Madness and is expected to appear in the MCU in the future. Hence, the destruction of Mount Wundagore was a purposeful move.


The Future

Moreover, Wanda is yet to show any remorse for her actions. We saw from her in Multiverse of Madness a moment of clarity where she decided to make a sacrifice play. It was a temper tantrum when she realized that her children in the multiverse would not accept her as their mother. The Reddit user proposes that Wanda will again go after her children in the multiverse and she wants to be the only Scarlet Witch in the multiverse who does so. But we think that she has come to the conclusion that she will need to create her own children by altering reality and using hex magic.


To change reality permanently she needs more power than she currently has. As we have previously seen Hex magic takes a lot of power and the Hex can break if the power source is cut off. That is what happened in WandaVision. To permanently create her children in the MCU Wanda would need the help of the Elder God Chthon and that is why Wanda destroyed all Darkhold copies.

Let us know if you think this theory is true down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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