Why Doctor Strange Cannot Replace Iron Man (Why He is the Perfect Replacement)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some tremendous growth over the last couple of years. This is both in the form of several new characters and new elements in world-building. Part of the reason for this is that the Multiverse is now MCU canon. Moreover, the MCU is now reaching a much wider audience. Disney has to make sure to maintain its brand and associate with the right people. Ever since the death of Iron Man, they have tried to not focus on one individual too much. Fans think that the next leader of the MCU could be either Doctor Strange or Spider-Man. Well, we are here to tell you that Doctor Strange cannot replace Iron Man, no matter what. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been jokingly called the Iron Man universe.

It was due to the character of Robert Downey Jr that the MCU was given life. His statement, ” I am Iron Man” is cemented in the mind of every Iron Man fan, to the point that these words give us goosebumps. So, Iron Man is a character who reeks of arrogance. In fact, Tony’s introduction to the MCU was a movie where he learned to let go of his arrogance and accept his shortcomings. Something similar also happened in Doctor Strange, but that does not automatically qualify Strange for the leadership position. He still needs to go through his trial of fire before he is worthy of ascension and there is another contender in the shape of Spider-Man.


Doctor Strange Cannot Replace Iron Man

Marvel Made Doctor Strange New Iron Man
Marvel Made Doctor Strange New Iron Man

Both Iron Man and Strange were men whose hubris was shattered by what happened in their lives. They then embraced their talents and blossomed into powerful superheroes. Where Iron Man proceeded to grow through every movie Strange has seemed to come to a standstill for the last couple of films. The last time we saw him pull a massive world-saving move was back in Infinity War when the Sorcerer Supreme fought against Thanos. He has been a bit docile since then. I mean, sure, he defeated Dormammu and died a thousand deaths for it.


He even played an incredible game of chess with Thanos after peering into 14 million universes and possible timelines. The Sorcerer Supreme has also helped the Marvel heroes in countless endeavors but he is not the mature leader that we need. His actions are too reckless for a leader. He makes rash decisions that put himself and everyone around him in danger. A good example of this is his spell in No Way Home which caused the multiverse to fracture and ended up being more hassle than it was worth. I mean, why would such an experienced sorcerer cast a spell that would put so many lives in danger. It just does not make any sense.

Doctor Strange cannot replace Iron Man

But there is also the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch might be the only one who can compete with RDJ in terms of popularity. This is both, because of Strange’s popularity as a character and because of the retirement of other viable choices such as Captain America. Thor might have also been a viable candidate but he will be busy battling galactic threats in the next few movies. So let’s hope for the best.


The Future Leader

When everything is said and done, only two people lead the MCU. The only problem is that one of them is a cocky gunslinger in the garb of a magician and the other one is just a kid. But both of them show potential and we think that Benedict Cumberbatch will be the one to take the mantle in Phase 6. But this leadership will be short-lived because soon everything will fall to Spider-Man. His presence in the MCU has always been building up to something amazing. In a few years, we will get to find out just what that is.


Now the real question is not whether these people can ascend to the title of the leader but who would want in that position. Cumberbatch aka Strange’s power and popularity is only rivaled by the Spider.

Let us know what you think of our analysis of why Doctor Strange cannot replace Iron Man in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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