Why Only Thanos Could’ve Used the Stark Nano Gauntlet After Hulk’s Snap

Stark Nano Gauntlet:

The Infinity Gauntlet that Eitri made for Thanos was made from Alien Technology (probably from the Uru Metal). So, it was able to sustain the energies that all the 6 Infinity Stones emitted. But we cannot say the same for Tony Stark’s Nano Infinity Gauntlet that Hulk wore. Even though Thanos is stronger than Hulk, we saw how tough it was for Hulk to sustain the energies of the 6 Infinity Stones. The radiation from the stones was mostly Gama, and Hulk being a Gama infused Goliath should have been able to sustain the Infinity Stones without using the amount of energy that he did. But that didn’t happen. Although, Hulk would have been able to snap with much more ease if he got to wear the Infinity Gauntlet that Eitri made.

Hulk lost his arm in Endgame

A new video from The Canadian Lad tells us how the Stark tech Gauntlet(s) were different from Eitri. Once Thanos added all 6 Infinity Saga upon Eitri’s Gauntlet, it glowed for a while, and then the Gauntlet sustained the energies from the stones so Thanos was able to use the Gauntlet’s power to attack Thor & then Snap with easy. Hulk on the other hand wore the Stark Gauntlet, which was not able to contain the massive energy surge, so Hulk had to muster all his strength very quickly and make the snap happen. Because Stark’s Nano Gauntlet was inferior to Eitri’s Gauntlet, Hulk also took more damage than he would’ve, if he had got Eitri’s Gauntlet instead.

And after Hulk snapped, the quality of the Nano Gauntlet was deteriorated even more. Meaning, no one other than Thanos could have worn and used this Gauntlet successfully on the second try as it would’ve already emitted even more energy upon the wearer. Thanos was so strong that he snapped twice with Eitri’s Gauntlet. So, he could’ve done it once with the Stark Gauntlet. If Thor or anyone else would have tried to wear the Nano Gauntlet, then it is entirely possible that they would’ve died even before snapping.

Tony Stark’s MCU Journey Infinity Stones

Now let’s get to the question of how Tony Stark was able to snap so easily while it took a lot of strength from Hulk and Thanos to make the snap happen. It was because of the Mark 85 armor that he wore. 2023 wasn’t the first time Stark got the idea for time travel. He tried to solve time travel before, but he wasn’t able to until Scott Lang had put him on the right direction. The plan was always to go back in time and collect the Infinity Stones, which is why Tony had designed such a suit that would be able to contain the Infinity Stones and keep him alive at the same time.

Unlike the Stark Gauntlet or Eitri’s Gauntlet, the entire Iron Man suit that Tony wore in Endgame was a bigger version of the Gauntlet. That’s why the energies from the Infinity Stones were surging through the entire suit instead of just Tony’s right hand. The suit kept him alive until he snapped. If Hulk had snapped in a nanotech Hulkbuster suit, then maybe his arm would’ve taken less damage than it did. Anyway, what’s done is done. Now let’s see whether Marvel will be able to fix Hulk’s arm in the future shows and films.

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