Chris Evans And Chris Hemsworth Tippy Toes Image Goes Viral

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth have been a very promising presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both the actors have played substantial story driven roles up until this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Evans plays the super soldier out of time dubbed as Captain America. He epitomizes the Apex of human performance and aptitude. The man plays Steve Rogers and he looks exactly like the comic iteration of the character that we have grown to love so much.

Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, has a very different kind of a role. The actor plays the Norse God of Thunder (Or Marvel’s reskinning of it) and brings to life a literal God from old legends. Thor has been a part of the main Avengers team for a long time. He represents the Brute Force and sheer might of a God and is often a deterrent for many a conflict.

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth Tippy Toes Image

The power of Thor and the capability of Captain America are unparalleled and both the actors are brilliant individuals in their own right. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans have worked together for over a decade now and even before that, they were good friends. So it came as no surprise when the Twitter age Chris Evans doing things posted this image of the actor hugging his costar. The image (The most presumably comes from behind the scenes of an age of Ultron press conference) showcases both the actors hugging it out.

The really funny thing about the picture is the fact that Evans has to stand on his tiptoes to be able to hug his co-star. While not hilarious, the image is definitely adorably cute. The image has since erupted all over social media as fans try to steady themselves in the face of this cuteness barrage.


The old image showcases just how much the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets along. These people are like a family and they have worked together for so long that it is hard to imagine anybody else ever taking their place. But the show must go on. And this is what seems to be happening with Chris Evans come Avengers 4. Since the actor’s contract will be ending after the fourth installment in the Avengers franchise, it is expected that Captain America will take his departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Avengers 4. But how does Evans feel about all of this?

“Well, you know, my contract is over, so that’s as far as I know,” Evans said back in March of this year. “[I’ll miss] everything [about Captain America]. I mean, it’s not just the character; it’s the people – the experience, such good movies, such wonderful memories. I’ll miss a lot.” It’s really not up to me.” Evans said in an interview last year. “My contract is up. I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘No more.’ I think Hugh Jackman has made 47 Wolverine movies, and they somehow keep getting better. It’s a character I love, and it’s a factory that really knows what they’re doing. The system is sound, over there. They make great movies. If they weren’t kicking out quality, I’d have a different opinion. But, everything Marvel does seem to be cinema gold.”

Well, the actor is not exactly wrong. You should get off the ship before you’re thrown off and any good gambler knows that you should quit while ahead. And what’s show business if not a gamble? All this conjecture will get us nowhere; we have to wait for Avengers 4.

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Avengers 4 will hit the theatres worldwide on May 4, 2019. The cast is impeccable as some of the biggest names are part of the project including Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Chris Pratt (Starlord), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Idris Elba (Heimdall), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Dave Bautista (Drax), Pom Klementieff (Mantis), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Samuel Jackson (Nick Fury), Cobie Smulders (Mariah Hill), Jeremy Reiner (Hawkeye), Benedict Wong (Wong), Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange), Tom Holland (Spiderman), Letitia Wright (Shuri), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlett Witch), Paul Bettany (Vision), Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon), Vin Diesel (Groot), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Karen Gillan (Nebula), Josh Brolin (Thanos).

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