WandaVision: What Happened To The Beekeeper?

WandaVision, for the first three episodes, kept the audience in the mist and did not give any clear explanations whatsoever. For example, when we first saw the Beekeeper crawling out of the sewer and Wanda simply going, “No” and sort of rewinds time or blends the reality to not have the mysterious Beekeeper around. But as we dwelled into episode 4 of WandaVision, we started getting into the origins of the show. Let’s dive into the analysis, and discuss what actually happened to the SWORD agent Beekeeper after Wanda reversed or altered the reality.

Monica Rambeau, who returned five years after turning to dust from Thanos’ snap in episode 4, “We Interrupt This Program,” explained how Monica was able to enter Scarlet Witch’s fantasy world. As it turns out, she was sent by SWORD to help out FBI agent Jimmy Woo, who was searching for a missing witness that was supposedly set up in Westview. While checking out the energy field bordering the town, Monica was accidentally sucked inside and became “Geraldine” in the pocket reality. From there, Woo, SWORD, and eventually Darcy Lewis worked doubly hard to get to the bottom of the mystery. It was also said that Wanda is most probably holding the entire town hostage.

Episode 4 also told us that the Beekeeper was actually a SWORD agent who was on a mission to enter Wanda’s reality to know about what happened to Monica Rambeau. It’s worth remembering that after his arrival distracted Wanda and Vision from the news that they’re pregnant in episode 2, Scarlet Witch manipulated time and altered the course of the events so their attention wouldn’t get diverted. Since that happened, however, the beekeeper hasn’t been spotted in the show again, and with Monica violently kicked out after Wanda learned that she’s an infiltrator, the big mystery remaining is – what exactly happened to the beekeeper?

Well, it is pretty music possible that Wanda might have killed the beekeeper. Wanda strictly doesn’t want anyone from the outside world infiltrating her beautiful reality where is with Vision and has twins. Considering that he seems to have vanished, it’s possible that Wanda may have killed him, intentionally or not when she rewound time and shifted her reality forward into the 1970s. Between Elizabeth Olsen’s recent comments and what’s been revealed in WandaVision thus far, it’s clear that Scarlet Witch is willing to go to great lengths just to preserve the fantasy she’s created in Westview. This makes her so much more dangerous considering that she has the ability to warp reality.

Given Wanda’s reaction upon realizing that Geraldine was from the outside world, it’s not impossible to imagine that she may have done something even worse to the beekeeper. Plus, the way Wanda says, “No,” with a straight face as if she knew what was going on and who the beekeeper was, and she knew exactly what she was doing and what would literally happen to the beekeeper. Even if Wanda didn’t harm the beekeeper initially, Monica’s ability to infiltrate her pocket reality may have spooked her, motivating her to seek out the other invader and make sure that he doesn’t threaten her fantastical world.

It’s worth remembering, however, that those who make their way in Westview seemingly forget their memories of the outside world – as suggested by Monica’s experience. That said, they also seem to retain some details, as hinted by Herb’s awareness that there’s something inherently wrong in the town. Not only this, even Vision seems to grow suspicious of the things that are going on in Westview. A new trailer was released by Marvel on Friday, featuring a hint that Vision manages to escape, or at least attempts to escape out of Westview. He can also be heard asking “What is outside of Westview,” confirming that he’s realized that something is very wrong with the town. The trailer features shots of Vision trying to break through the psychic force field surrounding Westview. Check the trailer below:

Whether or not WandaVision will show the beekeeper again is unknown at this point, but trailers for the series revealed that it will feature more of Westview moving forward. Perhaps it will be revealed that, just like Monica, he simply assumed a different persona to fit Scarlet Witch’s fake reality. Otherwise, if he is still around and has regained some of his memories, he could be pivotal in SWORD’s movement and mission to actually understand what is going on with Wanda.

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+.

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