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Captain America vs Spider-Man: Here’s Why Steve Rogers Has No Chance Against Spidey!

Captain America vs Spider-Man: Super Soldier vs Friendly Neighbourhood

Heroes, the men we consider our protectors. The title of hero belongs to the men and women who fight for something greater than themselves, and there are two men in the shared comic universes who deserve this title more than anybody else. Spiderman and Captain America, both are a breed of heroes we don’t see often, even in the comics. The moral compass of the Captain can only be matched by Peter’s inherent need and wish to do good, let’s ignore the Captain Hydra instance.

Steve Rogers is a man of unshakable fortitude to the extent that some would consider impractical or unrealistic. He takes on the evils of the society’s the more right-wing version of the American dream. The perfect soldier, perfect in every aspect, even in his morals. On the other hand, Spiderman is arguably Marvel’s biggest success story, if not for “THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN” comics the company would’ve shut their doors a long time ago.

When the comic first came out and the readers were introduced to Peter Parker, they instantly connected with the boy. Never before had any comic book contained so much text regarding the thoughts of the characters. And when the writers had to pass on so much information they had to make him funny. Why? Well because humor is often the answer. But what happens when two such characters come face to face? What happens when the soldier decides his country is better to rid off the friendly neighborhood hero. The boy arachnid goes against the perfect soldier. Watch closely as we at quirkybyte break it down for you.

Basic character breakdown

Before we start analyzing the battle scene we need to delve into the personality breakdown of each character. It is imperative to the argument that we establish the origin stories and the mentality of the characters. Because when you think Spider-man vs Captain America, even a layman realizes that it will be a battle of endurance and wits as much as it will be a battle of superhuman feats. Both men are skilled fighters, and both of them refuse to go down even when they know they are beaten. Both men Excel against opponents much stronger than themselves and it is not often that either of these men is defeated.

Captain America.

Born to poor immigrant parents in Manhattan 1920, Steven Rogers never had any privileges while growing up. The boy was poor, intellectually inept and had a frail body. His peers had written Rogers off the first time they saw him, however, something inside Steve shone brighter than everything else. This was his sense of Justice.

Steven Rogers only had one dream, to fight for his country in the second world war. But he was disqualified from the selection process in many an army recruitment offices because of his frail physical structure. The man continued to persevere and was finally enrolled in Dr. Erskine’s Project Rebirth. It was the experiments of project rebirth that granted Steve with the powers and abilities to become the Captain America we know today.

Brimming with the super soldier serum, Steve Rogers became Captain America, the strongest and fastest soldier known to man. The Star-spangled soldier went from being the reject of society to the peak of human capability. The man had the capability to benchpress 1100 lbs and run a mile in 73 seconds. That makes him at least twice as strong and thrice as fast as the current world record holders. The stats considered in the current fight are:

Full name: Steven Rogers

Age: Indeterminate, due to cryo-sleep and stasis

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 lbs

Net worth: N/A

Peak human capability

Adept at every martial art known to man

Adept in military tactics

Master of infiltration and rescue

Master of covert ops

Master of surgical strikes

Twice as strong as the strongest human

Thrice as fast as the strongest human

Lightweight titanium, Kevlar and Nomex suit

Proto-Adamantium and Vibranium Alloy shield

Expert hand to hand combatants

Enhanced metabolism enabling him to perceive and react faster than normal humans would ever be capable of.


Born Peter Parker, Spiderman lost his parents in a flight crash. The couple was flying out of the country when they left a little Peter in the care of Ben and May Parker. Little did the pair know that it was the last time they’ll be seeing their child ever again. After the death of his parents, it was Ben and May Parker that took up the responsibility to raise little Peter. A shy child and an even shyer teen, Peter got his Spiderman powers when he was bitten by a radioactive spider.

Spider-Man Steve Ditko Insomniac Games

Cheesy, I know but arguably one of the greatest origin stories because no Spiderman is complete without loss. The death of Benjamin Parker was the trigger that forged the personality of the man we know today as Spider-Man. It was the death of his father figure that urged Peter on to become one of the most popular heroes not because of his powers or humor but because of his immaculate reliability and inherent charm that stems from a genuine core.

The basic stats of Spiderman considered in this fight are :

Full name: Peter Benjamin Parker

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 167 lbs

Hometown: New York City (Queens)

Net Worth: N/A

Accomplished scientist



Does everything that a spider can

Cling to walls

Ultra-high tensile strength webs that shoot out of his web shooters on peter’s wrist. They are of his own invention

Superhuman strength

Superhuman agility

Spider sense

Superhuman perception and combat skills

Unique fighting style


When two opponents are as equally matched as these two in terms of physical and mental capabilities the edge in battle usually belongs to the man better equipped for the fight. It is assumed that this is an off the cuff battle and that both heroes only use standard gear.

Avengers 4

Although both The Captain and Spiderman have special suits in their arsenal such as the iron spider suit and the Iron Man version of Captain America. However, these weapons have been used by these heroes in specific battles and it will be an injustice to the battle to introduce such factors and weapons just to tip the balance in favor of one of the combatants. The standard gear of each participant is iterated below.

Captain America

Although you often hear fans and other characters referring to Captain America as a soldier, he is not one to resort to lethal force all that often. The man dresses up lightly. His combat armor consists of the iconic Captain America star-spangled uniform which was made out of lightweight Titanium, Kevlar and Nomex. The Captain America uniform can stop low powered projectiles and small blades.

The armor/costume is also capable of stopping most blunt force trauma, but the question is how much protection can the suit really provide against the superhuman punches of the Dark Knight. Regardless, another weapon (and perhaps the only one he uses) in the arsenal of Captain America is his Proto-Adamantium and vibranium alloy shield that was presented to the Captain by the president of United States himself.

The iconic captain America shield is capable of stopping virtually any projectile or punch thrown at it. The Captain has used the shield to block bullets, projectiles, high powered punches, and even Thor’s hammer. The Captain also uses the shield as a projectile to incapacitate his enemies.

Steve throws the shield in a way that it recoils and always lands back in his hand. It is one of the most imperative parts of his developed fighting style. He can fight without the shield just as well but with it, the man becomes a force of nature. Captain America rarely ever resorts to using firearms and never carries one with him when heading to battle.


When you think armor, you rarely think of the spider costume. The costume is like a second skin for Peter Parker, stitched at home it is barely thicker than average clothes you wear every day. For all his marvelous intellect Peter makes barely enough money to sustain himself as a freelance photographer leave alone make high tech battle suits.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The power of Spider-Man comes from his unshakable fortitude and inherent need to do good, his armor is his will and his weapon is his strength. The man swings around New York City armed only with web shooters and his wits. Not that these are not enough, we have regularly seen Peter outclass and outmatch opponents far faster and stronger than him. It is abundantly clear that when Parker takes to the battlefield it’s not his toys that do the trick but his unshakable fortitude and unrelenting spirit. Spiderman is the hero of the little guy, the savior of the common man and to that extent, the spider is armed to the teeth.

Death Battle

Before we start the battle we shall determine what is the mentality of the characters going into battle and how will we ensure a winner. Since both combatants are men who run their operations with a self-righteous sense of justice, we will take any incapacitation or knock out as a win. It is also pertinent to note that both characters do not go for the kill.

Although the Captain is a soldier, a born and bred dog who bites when Uncle Sam tells him to, he is still a man who follows justice and not orders. Spiderman, on the other hand, can be a ruthless fighter given his uncanny and unique fighting style but it is often his self-doubt that stands in his way while facing men on the battlefield. Taking all this into regard we’ll take complete restraint of the captain as a win for spidey and knock out a win for the captain.

Onward To Battle

The combatants come face to face in the alleys of New York City as Spider-Man and captain America chase down the same lead. Neither man is stranger to the other, not in terms of the other person’s identity or their combat knowledge. They stare each other down as the heroes come to the realization what needs to happen next. The fight starts and with the haze of the battle that lasts mere minutes we see Spider-Man emerge from the smoke with a torn suit and a saddened but victorious look.

So what happened? Well, it’s rather obvious that Spider-Man won but what happened to the great tact and intellect of Steve Rogers, well you see even though Rogers is a seasoned soldier and a veteran, Spider-man is the kid that goes beyond the level of human capabilities. Peter Parker usually operates on a level that is way ahead of the human realm, he is what some might call superhuman.

Captain America vs Spider-Man

Although I agree that Steve Rogers has this amazing potential of putting foes stronger than him on their back but Parker is on a completely different level. I mean the kid had speed blitzed The Hulk in the past, Rogers is just another soldier at this point. No matter how hard the soldier tries, Peter’s enhanced strength and greater maneuverability thanks to his wall sticking powers and web shooters make him the superior fighter and the victor of this match.

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