Klopp for the Kop! 


[tps_header]Jurgen Klopp has arrived at Anfield. It’s official. Even though it wasn’t much of a secret from the outset, I’m glad it was all done swiftly.
The pressure will be on him to take Liverpool to glory and also to prove to the world that his success at Dortmund wasn’t a fluke. He’ll understandably have the hunger and desire to drive the club forward.
I try to outline some of the things he needs to do in the near future. [/tps_header]

1. [tps_title]Be positive at Tottenham[/tps_title]

First and foremost, have a real go at Tottenham. It’s his 1st game at the club. The fans are not going to turn on him if he loses. They will be more interested in the performance of the team. Klopp needs to be aware of that. He should set his team out to play expansive intense football rather than trying to go away and get a point or something like that. Ensure your performance isn’t dull. A good performance at White Heart Lane will lift the spirits at the football club and that is what they desperately need.
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